Tips to Sleep Good at Night

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Everyone has to suffer to get to sleep, sometimes sleeping well or has morning last to get out of bed. Often has to do with an unusual or painful event during the day – a death, a quarrel, a setback or a happy occasion – a very stressful occupation, or simply because there is literally something in the stomach has continued to fall after a heavy meal before bedtime, or vice versa, because on an empty stomach at bedtime. Some women sleep around their monthly periods slightly less.

These sleep problems usually disappear after a few days as the rise spontaneously disappeared or been forgotten, and you do not have to worry about. On the contrary, those who worry too much about that and will wind up sleeping problem, the risks to make things worse. 

One speaks only of insomnia when someone for no apparent reason for days (more than 3 weeks) suffer to sleep touching or night regularly wake up, and when during the day are reflected (you feel tired and irritable, difficulty concentrating,any headache, etc.). In such cases it is appropriate to a doctor and may possibly need to have a survey done in a specialized sleep laboratory. 

In addition, chronic sleep problems are also caused by external factors. One factor that is very logical, but often overlooked, is the sleep environment and especially the mattress.

At night you need to sleep 7 to 9 hours because your body goes trought some physiological changes.

Lifestyle and sleeping habits
Only go to bed when you feel tired.
Remove the television out of the room.
Don’t try to do some naps in the afternoon.
Leave your window open while you’re sleeping, even when it’s winter. Keep your room cool.
Try to go every day on the same hour to bed and wake up at the same hour.
If you sport, always do it 4hours before you to sleep.
Before you go to your bed, take a hot bath.
Always go to bed at the same hour and read a book till you feel sleepy.

Don’t use alcohol, cafeïne and nicotine before you go to bed.
Don’t go to bed with a full or empty stomach. Drink by example a herbal tea before you go to bed, it contains flowers, herbs, spices. Herbal tea is cafeïne free.

Alternative therapies that promote sleep:


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