4 Brain Waves

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People living brain tissue produces electrical waves fluctuate.
In 1929, Hans Berger, a German, made the equipment to record and measure the electrical waves that occur in the brain.
This tool is called the electroencephalograph, or EEG abbreviated.
By attaching a pair of electrodes on the scalp, it is known the difference voltage electricity were to him.

If the on-screen monitor electroencephalograph no longer looks a wave, then that person is medically dead, although in other body parts are still no movement.
Frequency of EEG waves is calculated by the number of cycles per second or cps (Hertz-Hz)

Delta waves are the conditions people are asleep the frequency between 0.5 sd 3.5 cps.
People dreamless sleep, the brain produces delta waves.
Meanwhile, the comatose brain waves just 0.5 cps.
Sleep routine for humans, is an attempt to recover his body, including cells of brain cells that have been working hard all day.
Therefore, sick people need much sleep to rest.

Theta waves with a round 3.5 s.d. 7 cps, occurs when people dream. Dreams characterized by rapid eyeball movements.
Feeling that feels so long dreamed of, in effect only lasts in seconds.
This is because the “measure of time” used by people who dream was “time” measure of spirits.
Is not time thousands of years in the world, according to the size of the next instant.
The inventors, creators of musicians working in Tetha wave conditions.

Alpha waves between 7 s.d. 13 cps.
Occurs in normal conditions employed adults, without the burden of thinking all sorts, without a heavy target.
The most important obligation is to how to carry out works best with the goals set with positive intent lillahi ta’ala.
No negative thoughts The information that the brain has been absorbed will show up again, “silent mind”, and “way better than the destination” that its standards so that the brain works in this wave.

Beta waves between 13 s.d. 28 cps.
When people work hard requires a lot of minds, so that brain wave counts also rose.
Many things must be observed to maintain human existence of environmental hazards such as soldiers who were fighting or drivers who must be vigilant.

Should we program our brains are always in alpha waves, a wave of calmness, so there is inspiration.
Are fervently praying 5 times in 24 hours will produce alpha waves, which improve the quality of life.


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