Ice Road Truckers: The Last Dash

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This is a review for Ice Road Truckers: The Last Dash, the season finale for the current season.  I really like this reality series, even though I do not always like the truckers that are part of the show.  However, the season really had some stuff I enjoyed, so I consider it to be a successful year.

In this finale, the Canada contingency of Hugh and Rick had their final trip.  I really dislike Hugh, and I liked that he was more separated from the Alaska group.  In fact, both men were fired from the Alaskan trucking firm that had hired them.  I admit it, I cheered.  Hugh has such double standards, and he breaks the laws without caring.  Even though he easily got work back in Canada, I just loved seeing him get a little bit of comeuppance after all these years.

I felt bad for Hugh’s long time rival, Alex, who really seems to be a a good person, always stopping to help others.  As far as the load count that is so important to these truckers, Alex gets hurt by his compassion.  He had a chance to outdo Hugh for the first time this year, but truck problems forced him to turn around.  He wasn’t out for the count yet, though, and it was nice to see good guys win for a change.

Finally, I was cheering for my favorite trucker, Lisa Kelly, who finally broke into the heavy haul big time part of trucking on the ice roads this year and she also had the highest number of completed trips.  What a neat thing; she had a lot of problems this year, too, though, but she got her act together and we see her triumphant by the end of this hour.

So, I was glad to see the truckers back in action in Alaska, and I was thrilled for Lisa.  It was a good final show and a fitting end to the year.

Early in the hour, we also saw the departure of newcomer Dave Redmon, an Alabama trucker viewers met on the first season of IRT Deadliest Roads.  I don’t really get what happened here because I really liked him on Deadliest Roads, but he was such a jerk here and ended up being fired.


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