Important Measurements of Wide Plank Floorboards

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You can expect panel widths from 140mm broad – 300mm broad and up to a huge 5 meters in length. For a panel to be really kinds as a ‘wide plank floorboard’ we all check towards panel sizes more than 235mm large.

The most frequent panel dimensions distributed normally include 140mm-200mm, the best main seller is usually the 240mm large panel. Most people consider it is because thee planks are affordable as well as signify an average of the variety plank which can be applied to numerous indoor areas. The particular panel is broad enough to stay alone or to be installed along side smaller boards- 140-180mm. Blended vast flooring containing slim as well as broad planks will help produce the impression of an absolutely classic solid wood floor.

To help improve this combined thickness appear, you can try out our super 300mm broad panels included together with slim 140mm planks, therefore duplicating grandeur surfaces of a time gone by.

The best 240mm- 300mm broad plank boards can be found as strong timber planks or Strata Engineered Floorboards. I suggest you to solid fix strong planks, which are, more than 240mm vast or perhaps make use of an engineered wide plank board. A good repair will assist retain the planks steady and stop cupping. In case a broad plank floorboard of over 2400mm vast is to be utilized as a floating panel or possibly to be secret nailed you have the chance of panel movement, this is the reason Strata Engineered broad plank boards are more suitable.


Basically, wide plank boards symbolize uncompromising comfort. If you consider returning to the castles, palaces, museums, great halls and mansions you might have visited around the world, the sole thing these types of historical construction will reveal is their temptation to show and show-off their magnificent wide plank solid hardwood floors. Personally, I have experienced panels which have been installed almost straightaway from the woods itself, all curly sides and figure included. This particular French oak broad plank floorboards was located exactly outside Paris in a village town hall, this one pieces calculated ½ meter wide as well as 5 meter in length, a genuinely remarkable piece of wood floors.

Large plank flooring surfaces is much better designed for very long runs as well as broad room area. An excellent timber floors provides a material for the internal room exactly where all its components rest. A wide plank deck is among the first factors to produce an effect and be considered, as long as the surface area is able to breath and is not too cluttered.

If you wish to produce an immediate impact and produce an appearance of actual extravagance, a genuine wooden wide plank floor might be the strategy to use.


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