Getting a Bargain on Ebay

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 I love buying on Ebay, and I’ve had some great bargains. Most of the stuff I buy is for resale on car boot sales in England, and I’ve had some great buys as a result of using the ‘items ending in 5 hours’ search on ‘Wholesale and job lots.’ However, to maximise your chance of bagging a bargain, you need to get the timing right. I find the best time to do this is between midnight and 2.00am British time. By placing my bids then, I’ve got some real bargains. In the past three months, I’ve landed 12 pairs of new Foster Grant sunglasses, price marked between £10 and £18 per pair, for less than £3 including postage and packing. I sold these in one day at £3 per pair, earning myself a dazzling (pardon the pun!) £33 profit.

I also won 200 double palettes of eye shadow and blusher for £15. The seller lived close to me, so I was able to collect them personally and save on postage costs. She advised me to separate the palettes and sell them for £1 each, or 6 for £5, which I did, and they’re flying off my stall. My modest £15 investment will realise between £300 and £400 – a bargain in any language!

Don’t discount something just because you think it’s past its sell by date and has been superseded by a new model.  Recently, I bid on 200 leather mobile phone cases, winning them for less than £20 including postage and packing. For those of you who failed your maths test, that equates to less than 10p per item. Why did nobody want them? Because the cases were made to fit phones two or three years old.  However, not everyone wants to upgrade at the end of their contract, and those who have stuck to the ‘old faithful’ phone are delighted to be able to get a case to protect their aged friend. I’ve sold over half of my cases at £1 each. If demand falls, I’ll reduce them to 50p to clear them. I don’t mind. I’ve already realised 10 times my investment.

Another good tactic is to sign up to your favourite sellers’ emails. Then you can see what’s coming and put in a bid early. I would always advise putting in your maximum bid straight away. That way, you’re not going to lose your item for the sake of an extra 20p in the last half hour of bidding.

Finally, a word of warning. Never, ever bid more than the article is worth just to win it. That is not a bargain, and bargain hunting is what we’re here for, remember. Smile to yourself and move on to the next bid. I guarantee it will be just around the corner.


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