Building a Profitable Website

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You’ve just built the most wonderful website, in your opinion anyway, and now you’re ready to conquer the world wide web and start hauling the money to the bank. But wait, I here you saying; “Exactly how am I supposed to do that?”

This is a common question many people face on today’s Internet. It’s seems there is so much you have to do to get up and running… the list seems to go on forever.

You need to get traffic to your site. You need to start growing your opt-in list. You need sales and you need to make sure your site is SEO friendly and optimized to the max so you don’t miss any chances in your search engine rankings.

While all these things and a lot more, are extremely important, all you really need is a plan to follow and realize it’s just not possible to do everything at once. Below are three simple basic steps that will help get you started in the right direction.

1. Make sure your website has a proven sales process and killer sales-copy.

What’s the point of doing all the work if, when you do get visitors, you let them slip through the cracks in the sales process.

Internet statistics show that you have around five seconds to convince people to stay on your site. Your headline must grab there attention and make it impossible for them NOT to read on. It has to make them feel like, in a short period of a few seconds, that they’ll definitely miss something if they don’t continue reading.

The best headlines tell visitors that they’re going to find exactly what they’re searching for, and compel them to keep reading.

You must make sure you guide them through an intentional process that:

* Identifies with their problem while building your credibility

* Engages them, and explains how you can help

* Explains exactly how your product will benefit them

* Overcomes any objections or obstacles they may have about buying

* Compels them to take action, and tells them exactly what to do next

You should always give you prospects a clear call to action that gets them motivated by re-stating the biggest benefit they’ll get from buying now. Never assume that they will know what to do next. Tell them what to do. Instead of saying; “Click here to buy now” say something like; “Click Here Now for Instant Access to a System that will have You Writing Like a Professional in No Time”. Take your readers through a proven sales process and don’t give them a reason to click away.

2: Get Testimonials. Testimonials prove that your product really works and will do exactly what you promise and can also really boost your sales, for free.

How to get testimonials:

* Give your product away to friends or a small group of people in your target market, in exchange for their feedback and ask permission to use their comments on your site.

*Ask your customers to give you their vote of confidence by sending them an email or mail a feedback form to them through the regular postal service.

* Call your customers and make sure they are satisfied. Then ask for a testimony. Tell them you would like to use it on your website. Depending on what kind of service or product you’re selling, tell them you will place a link to their web-site, if they have one,after their comments.

When you do start getting testimonials, make sure each one has at least a first name and preferably a last name, and a location (city and state), to prove they’re from real people and even include their picture when possible.

3: Make it easy to buy. This is a step you simply cannot afford to miss.

* Make sure your navigation buttons state exactly what your customers will find when they click on them. Don’t play games trying to look sophisticated or cute.

* Keep your site navigation simple and consistent throughout each page of your site.

* Make sure your site is not too busy with graphics and sales pitches for other products you offer. Keep it simple and don’t confuse visitors.

* Provide the widest range of payment options possible.

* On your order form, ask ONLY for the information you need. Don’t ask for information unless it’s absolutely required to complete the process. The less work people have to do here, the more likely they are to buy.

* Include a phone number and a real physical address so people can contact you if they have any questions. This helps build credibility and brand you as someone they’ll want to do more business with in the future.

While this is just the tip of the iceberg in getting started with websites on the Internet, these suggestions should get you headed in the right direction to a profitable experience in your new venture as a site owner. Your next step should be to learn all you can about promoting and getting traffic to your new site.


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