Xbox Slim Rrod – All About It!

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Many new features come with the Xbox Slim, Microsoft’s new console. Among the many upgrades there are new ports, like one for the Kinect, new design features, faster processer and much more. But will these upgrades fix the infamous problem, the RROD, or Red Ring of Death

What is the RRoD?

The Red Ring of Death is a nickname for a technical issue with the original Xbox 360 console (Also known as “Red Lights of Death” or “Red Ring of Doom”) that is highlighted by three red flashing lights around the Xbox power button, as opposed to the normal green lights that show the console is working properly.

You can’t do anything with your Xbox while you have the RRoD. You may start experiencing crashes or shutdowns before you get the RROD. Regrettably, many gamers have to send their consoles to Microsoft to get it fixed.

What About the Xbox 360 Slim?

You can’t actually get a RROD on the Xbox Slim. The effect is the same, but Microsoft changed the way errors are displayed on the console Instead of red lights, there is now a red flash on the on button when you get an error.

Like all machines, the Xbox Slim is not fail proof. The failure rate of Slim’s compared to older generations shows that the Slims have less errors.

Some of the reasons why the Xbox Slim RROD is less frequent is because the Xbox Slim has better fan systems tat cool more efficiently, and there is also an error system that shuts the console down to prevent damage.

Should This Influence Your Decisionn As to Which Console to Buy?

In some ways, the Xbox Slim RROD is like the Yellow Light of Death for the PS3 and the PS3 Slim The older Xbox fails more than the PS3, but the Xbox Slim has equal failure rates to the PS3 and the PS3 Slim

The truth is that, like anything electronic, the Xbox 360 Slim can fail – Just like any other games console. But the Xbox Slim has a warranty, like other consoles, to make sure you can game in peace!

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