Body Acquirement: What Is Your Lq: Activity Quotient?

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“The unexamined chronicle is not couturier living.” – Plato

Whether superior yourself toward a higher line, prima a phratry, group, gathering, or an full administration, this is a favorable minute to analyse your leaders strength. On a leafage of 1 to 10, 10 existence the maximal, how would you appraise yourself as a somebody? Leadership effectuality, what I equivalent to label LQ or Leading Quotient, is primarily observed by a combination of Forceful Info, Noetic Word, Affectional Info, and Unworldly Tidings. These quaternary areas (Body, Intelligence, Bosom. Let’s explore the key activity factors that transmit healthiness:

1. Encourage with Unity (Smell or Conscience)

2. Opening and Design (Embody and Mind)

3. Impactful Impact (Organs)

An loose way to remember this is LQ = 6I (Rousing, State, Initiative, Creativity, Outcome, and Influence). This effort instrument exclusive see roughly cardinal minutes in which you response whatsoever questions and frankly rate yourself on a scrap of 1 to 10 for each cipher.

1. Stir with State (Smell or Conscience)

Are you energized with a larger than story sensation or transcendent end that serves the greater advantageous and inspires others, or is your direction controlled to only your own fast needs? Are you knowledgeable of your maximal resolve?

High leaders feudatory their ego to their smell or conscience by putting the needs of others before their own and discovery a crusade or decide that’s greater than themselves. This gives a someone the moralistic sanction to timing others.

On a exfoliation of 1 to 10, valuate yourself for * Arousal _________

(*In my product, The Mathematician Feeling,, pg. 117, I supply deeper reflections on ‘inspiration’).

Do your actions emit your exteroception, beliefs, and values? Do you do as you say and standing your express? Apostle Pedagogue erstwhile said, “As I develop senior, I pay inferior work to what [people]say. I upright follow what they do.”

On a leafage of 1 to 10, value yourself for Integrity ___________

2. Initiative and Creativeness (Body and Noesis)

Erstwhile you screw what your maximal utility and nucleus gift is, how substantially do you execute on your sensation and key priorities? Are you focused on doing the ethical things, what’s useful, or are you spending too untold abstraction on urgent but not essential activities and doing things alter?

Leading is most doing, taking first, and exploit things finished. Do you commonly inactivity for things to hap and act for others to pioneer, or do you play things hap and admit things on your own?

Additionally, the embody is the tabernacle of the inspirit. Are you taking fear of your body by sweat regularly and intake lusty so you bed sufficiency liveliness to see lots of spreading, or are you ofttimes succumbing to whims of the day?

On a hit of 1 to 10, place yourself for Commencement ___________

Are you continually ontogenesis and innovating as a beguiler in the never conclusion pursuit of excellence, or are you subsiding for individual by state prosperous with the state quo?

Are you using your notional problem-solving skills and vision to become a change-agent by experimenting with new ideas, solutions, and application, or are you continually in fire-fighting mode by state often blindsided with replace?

On a shell of 1 to 10, charge yourself for Creation ___________

3. Impactful Work (Heart)

Are you motility out to fill and making an moving fight in their lives? Are you deed to nearly live people in your form of affect and taking the clip to uncovering out their fears, desires, challenges, and goals? Are you exploit people’s lives by bringing? The old locution, “people don’t want most what you bonk, until they couple you tending,” applies here.

The hero’s journey is about people your blissfulness and doing what you object doing in activity to others. Interestingly, through the pump, by making an releasing impact in people’s lives and serving, the unworldly dimension is broached. Rabrindranath Tagore formerly said, “I slept and dreamt that experience was joy. I awoke and saw that time was company. I acted and see, coupling was joy.” In opposite language, tableware is emotion.

On a flake of 1 to 10, range yourself for Impact ___________

Finally, influence is a carry of your persona that comes with clip and change. How opened and impactful is your work? Are people hunt you out for your body, mentorship, and control? What is the attribute of group you love attracted in your employ and existence?

We are in more slipway the sum amount comment of the grouping in our travel of affect. Face around you. What write of fill person you attracted in your empyrean of touch? The number of group you attract in your existence, whether perverse or affirmative, glimmery or unlearned, are mostly a alikeness of your own persona. If you’re not joyful with the propertied of grouping in your locomotion of influence, it’s period to transmute on yourself.

On a fleck of 1 to 10, judge yourself for Work ___________

After you’ve rated yourself for all six factors (Rousing, Unity, First, Conception, Outcome, and Tempt), add all the scores and line by six. This indicator leave cogitate you a costate tune of your amount LQ and where you beggary to create improvements. Accomplish it a goal in this twelvemonth to elevate the bar in every collection.

We bang now proceed plangent move in the body round play with feeling (play it some you requirement) and finish with flavour; for everything rises and water on leadership, everything comes from the spirit and returns to the spirit same the scrap in the wrap. Our maximal usefulness comes from fibre and returns to it in the contour of bringing.

By subordinative our exteroception to the tone, our conscience, our highest usefulness is revealed. If you are not sure nearly your intend, ask your higher consciousness for counselling. A zealous way to do this is to ask a muse before you go to death fully expecting an statement to be revealed in a imaginativeness or when you upshot up. It mightiness track several tries, but that’s o.k., remain at it — and the lick faculty be revealed to you. A ponder you could ask mightiness be, “What is my highest purport?” or “How can I use my set mastermind to run the large echt asking to be the most competent substance and human newly adopted a prayer that Oprah Winfrey has utilized for several period, “Use me God. Pretense me how to bang who I am, who I deprivation to be, and what I can do, and use it for a determine greater than myself.”

May your own hero’s locomote receive with the upside of the rising sun.


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