Newman's Own Thin & Crispy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

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One of my favorite actors has always been the great Paul Newman.  Many years before he passed, he created a food company and donated all of the profits to charity. I always admired that because while other companies sometimes donate a portion of the profits, Newman’s Own donates all of the profits.  They do not keep one cent of profit, and that touches me.  It all began with salad dressing and popcorn and spread to move on to other things, including the subject of this review, Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza.

Until recently, the product was not carried by my local supermarket, so I was pleased to finally see it there and be able to give it a try.

The package states that the pizza is all natural and that no nitrate or nitrite was added except for what occurs naturally in seal seal and celery juice concentrate. The product is only minimally processed and has no artificial ingredients. The frozen pizza is not microwavable and bakes in the oven at 425 degrees for ten to twelve minutes.  Now I did not use the oven, since mine is broken, but I did use my Presto Pizzazz Plus which is actually designed to cook pizza in a very tasty manner.

I am not a fan of thin and crispy pizzas, to be honest.  I much prefer pan pizza or, at the very least, a regular crust.  That said, I did not mind this so much.  The pizza was good to eat, and with a little care on my part, the thin crust was not too much of a pain.

There was plenty of pepperoni on the pizza and I liked the entire topping, cheese and all.

The package features a picture of Paul Newman which is part of the brand’s logo and has a humorous banner that says “in crust we trust,” which made me laugh.  It is just a sign of the good nature that this company has.

So, while not my all time favorite pizza, I am a fan of Newman’s Own for its very concept and I liked the pizza enough to buy it on an occasional basis.


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