Marie Callender's Smoky Cheddar Mac & Uncured Bacon

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Everyone seems to love Mac & Cheese so it is not surprising that the Marie Callender brand of frozen foods has taken the standard on.  As part of its fresh flavor steamer collection, Marie Callender’s Smoky Cheddar Mac & Uncured Bacon presents a slight twist on the traditional kids’ favorite.

The steamer line proclaims to keep the flavors their best by cooking the sauce in its own bowl and the rest of the product in the steamer bowl.  The steamer bowl is atop the sauce one and after cooking, all you do is empty the steamer contents into the sauce bowl and mix. It is pretty basic and so easy a kid could do it.  It only takes about four minutes to cook, too.

The package serves one and is 380 calories. It contains enriched Cavatappi pasta, naturally hickory smoked uncured bacon, cheese spread and Cheddar cheese sauce, skim milk, scallions, and a few other odds and ends. There are no preservatives included in this frozen food dish.

What matters most to me is always the taste, and for me, this seemed overly rich.  There is a ton of cheese, from the sauce to the spread that is part of the blend, and frankly, it overwhelmed me.  Not only that, but in my opinion, it took over the bacon, too.

Normally, bacon makes just about anything good, but the bits of bacon got lost in the pasta and oozing of cheese. It was just too much.

I have actually tried this product a few times, just to see if I would change my mind or feel differently about it, but every time, I end up feeling dissatisfied.  In fact, the last time, I did not even finish eating it.

I would have preferred a mixture that was lighter on the cheese sauce and which included a more abundant bacon taste blended in with the pasta.  I love pasta as I do bacon, but I just could not enjoy it because of the cheese factor.

So, I will not be buying this variety again unless they improve the recipe to lessen the cheese and embolden the pasta and bacon.


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