Temptations by Jell-O: French Silk Pie

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To be honest, I had not intended to buy Temptations by Jell-O: French Silk Pie or any of the other varieties for the simple reason that it costs so darn much.  I have to stick to a budget and the price for just a package of three costs more than the Jell-O packages of six.  It was not until the product went on sale and I had a coupon that I felt like I could give the product a try.

Each of the three snack containers contains 140 calories each of vanilla cream atop velvety chocolate. The thing is that I am not a big fan of super rich decadence as this dessert could be termed.  The cream is a topping and you have to dig deep if you want to combine a spoonful of the cream with the chocolate; otherwise, you just get a mouthful of white cream.

On the whole, it does taste good.  I enjoyed having it as an after dinner dessert and also as a late night snack. That said, I really did not feel like it was that much better than the regular Jell-O offerings, and the fact that it is so much expensive than the regular stuck in my mind.  It just did not taste like it was worth that extra cash.

There is that silkiness to the chocolate, so I do not have a problem with the brand’s description of the product, and as I said, the taste is good. However, there are many other desserts, pre-made as this is, that provides truly rich tastes that I prefer.

The commercials for Temptations by Jell-O are very clever and put forth that these are very special desserts. I love the ads, but I am not convinced I buy into the philosophy behind them. Are they adult desserts?  Maybe.  I have only had this one variety, but in my mind, it is not exclusive to any given age.

I suppose the important thing is that the French Silk Pies did taste good.  In the end, that is what matters, along with the product pricing.  For me, that means that while I like it, I just cannot afford to buy it again.


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