Raley's Fresh Deli Take And Bake Breadsticks

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Raley’s, which includes Bel Air and Nob Hill Markets, continues to grow in terms of its store brand options. Among the latest products to be added to the menu is Raley’s Fresh Deli Take and Bake Breadsticks, which I just tried today.

Well packaged in a cardboard container and sold in the deli section, the breadsticks are are actually garlic and cheese breadsticks that come with a tub of marinara sauce.  The breadsticks and tub are actually in a plastic bin, sealed in plastic wrap.  The marinara tub is also sealed.

The instructions say to bake the breadsticks in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. They bake inside the plastic tray they are packaged in, though the tub of marinara sauce needs to be removed. I, however, heated them on my Presto Pizzazz Plus, which heats things up quicker and tastier as a rule.

A serving size is two breadsticks combined with a fifth of the sauce and equals 200 calories. The package contains 5 servings. Now at first, I thought the sticks were long ones, but in reality, they are cut in the middle, so instead of 5 long sticks, there are actually 10 breadsticks.

Each breadstick is topped with a blend of garlic cheese butter and mozzarella, provolone and Romano cheeses. If I have a complaint, it would be that it is not quite even enough.  In addition, the topping sort of slid off of a few of the breadsticks when breaking them apart after cooking. The topping actually stayed in one piece, but it was not connected to the breadstick.  I found that to be a little odd.

That said, I liked the taste.  I love really good garlic cheese bread, and this held up nicely when I compare the two in my mind. I could taste the garlic and the blend of the cheeses was very pleasant.  I also appreciated how the breadsticks came out.  I do not like hard bread, and these heated up beautifully, retaining the freshness of the sticks so that they were soft and inviting.

So, this is a product I will be buying again in the future.


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