Raley's To Go Sesame Chicken

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Raley’s To Go Sesame Chicken is one of the brand’s fresh flavor steamer meals.  These products specialize in providing the ultimate in taste by cooking the sauce in a separate bowl from the rest of the ingredients. After microwaving the meal, the steamer basket is removed and mixed in with the food in the sauce basket. It is surprisingly unmessy, easy to handle, and quick to prepare.

Actually, the preparation process is the mere practice of taking the container and sticking in the microwave. There is absolutely nothing else to do, which makes this meal a super easy one to prepare.  The product cooks for roughly 4 1/2 minutes and is immediately ready to have the steamer and sauce bowls mixed together.

Raley’s To Go Sesame Chicken contains white meat chicken mixed in with linguini pasta, carrots, water chestnuts, and scallions.  The food is blended in with a sweet sesame sauce. All together, the single sized meal is 400 calories and contains no preservatives.

I loved the steaming process which really does add flavor to the frozen meal. Marie Callender’s products have gotten a lot better over the last year and these newer products take frozen foods to a new level.

The chicken is very tasty.  I feel like a broken record, though, when I say that I wish there were a few more bites of the chicken.  I tend to always want more and feel like the meals just don’t have enough of the chicken.

I also love pasta, so the linguini is very satisfying for me personally.  I do think the blend with the chicken and sesame sauce provides a great taste.  I am not that much of a sauce person, but I did enjoy this combination.

As for the other vegetables included, they are fine.  I did not eat much of the carrots as I am not a carrot person, and I also do not really like scallions, so I tended to bypass those.

So, on the whole, this is a successful meal, and it is one I buy from time to time when I am in the chicken mood.


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