How TO Boost Your Fitness Level With Pedometers

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Adequate exercise is useful in checking health-related problems. Perhaps, this explains why more people are taking active part in one form of exercise or the other to keep in form. Among other devices useful in this respect, a pedometer can, however, play an active role in monitoring the progress being made by those who engage in physical fitness exercises.
In its range are other devices that include the Timex Health Tracker, which is useful if one is watching calories, walking 9,000 steps or just generally keeping fit. It will achieve the intended goals. The Agility and Speed Kit is another comprehensive fitness tool which is not only cost effective but fantastic in unlocking athletic potential of runners, joggers and sport enthusiasts. The pedometer, however, has capacity to help monitor fitness exercise.
A pedometer, otherwise known as nonse scope, is usually a portable, electronic or electromechanical device which counts each step a person takes by detecting the motion of the person’s hips. Online sources note that because the distance of each person’s step varies, an informal calibration done by the user is required if the analysis of the distance covered in a unit of length – as in kilometres or miles – is sought.
The device was used originally by sports or physical fitness experts and always worn on the belt all day long. As a step counter, it is capable of giving encouragement to the wearer in keeping fit and losing weight. At the moment, it is being fused into an array of portable consumer electronic devices such as music players and mobile phones.
The device is becoming increasingly popular for people to use either when they are in the gymnasium or observing an everyday fitness activity with a view to attaining their health and fitness goals.
A website on fitness, Holistic Home Fitness, says the gadget can conveniently calculate the length one travels by counting how many steps one takes.
It states, ‘‘ As you get up and move around, whether you’re outside walking along the side walk, at the gym running on a treadmill in the cardio section, or just getting up throughout the day as you go about your desk job, a pedometer is going to track each and every step you take. At the end of the day or your workout session, you will then have a fairly accurate recording of precisely how many steps you’ve taken throughout the course of time. You can also reset the pedometer any time you wish. If you want to track your total steps over a given trip, that’s perfectly possible to do as well.’’
Since the ultimate goal of many people who exercise is to be more active throughout the day, the person who wears a pedometer on his or her body will notice how active he or she is.
If one notices that in a day about 4500 steps were taken and followed by 2500 the following day, it is a signal that there is a need to take some walks.
But by wearing the pedometer on a daily basis one will be conscious of one’s varying physical activity levels and know how to either improve or maintain it.
Since an approximate of 100 calories is assumed to be burn during each mile one walks or run, a pedometer can help to ensure that an additional pound or two of body fat is lost. This is simply because as one puts it on, there will be a conscious effort to be more active. Besides, the pedometer will aid one to accurately assess how far one has travelled while exercising outdoors.
HHF adds, ‘‘While some people do wear them all day long, others just choose to use them while exercising. If you can aim to achieve a higher step count with each walk or jog you do, that will be an indication that you’ve travelled a greater distance or increased your overall speed, therefore showing you are making progress with your fitness level.’’
Most brands of pedometers are very easy to use and the part of the body they are placed will depend on the model that one purchases. Some models can be clipped on one’s shoes while others may be worn as a wristwatch or arm band.
Apart from this, pedometers can also track other health measurements such as heart rate or total calories burned. But for someone who only intends to monitor the many steps taken, it is advisable to go for a basic pedometer. The more active and improved fitness level a person desires, the better it is for such an individual to consider picking up a pedometer.
Clinical studies have shown that pedometers have the capacity of increasing physical activity, reducing blood pressure levels and body mass index. A study published in the Journal of The American Medical Association notes , ‘’ The results suggest that the use of a pedometer is associated with significant increases in physical activity and significant decreases in body mass index and blood pressure.’’


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