The Main Causes Of Acne In Adults.

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Imbalance of the hormones in teens has been the major reason for the growth of acne and it takes place when the teen is graduating to adulthood. When the adolescence is over there are people who still find that the acne is still occurring. There some causes of acne in adult hood and we are am going to mention them here.   Continue reading to learn the main cause of the acne in adults.  

I am going to start with how the pimple is formed. Sebaceous gland produces sebum and when they are overproduced it would block the pore on the skin. This happens when cleaning function of our body, which cleans the dead cells, is not working well. When the skin pores is blocked, the over produced sebum would not come out of the body as the are expected.  

The places where sebum is blocked is usually is a breeding ground for bacteria. The white blood cells are send by our bodies to these areas by our body. The white blood cells and the bacteria will fight and they usually leave dead cells which accumulate on the pores of the skin. The dead cells do not move out of the skin because the pore has been closed. These results in the formation of acne and also pimples.

The process above is understandable, you must know why the body is not properly working to remove the waste substances in our bodies and also why the body is producing excess sebum. Knowing these you will know the cause of acne in adults. The cause may be your health status. If you are not healthy, your body would not work properly. Also air pollution would affect the function of body  it will not work properly. These are the other causes of acne in adults.

Sebaceous glands is stimulated by the imbalance in hormones. Your acne conditions is increased if you have hereditary factors. The other thing you must put into consideration is what you eat everyday. If you are not eating properly then your acne conditions would not improve. The other thing that contribute to the growth of acne in adults is your stress conditions. If you are stressed acne would grow on your body.

You have seen the main causes of acne in adults. You can avoid acne growing in your body if you check our health and also you stay stress free. Adult acne caused by hereditary factors then you can slow it down by being healthy all the time and avoid places where there are air pollution. Check the food that you eat if you are an adult and know if they are the ones that causes acne. If so then you need to avoid them to avoid causing acne.


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