Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls OF Fire-Part 2. The Impact OF Pentecost And The Birth OF A New Language.

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At Pentecost,  Paracletos was given freely to all who asked and the same thing happens even today.   The whole house where the disciples were staying shook.   People gathered to observe this strange phenomenon.   Then the Apostles appeared and addressed the crowd having received the Holy Spirit.   They were filled with boldness and enabling and courage.   Peter tried to explain to the crowd gathered that the strange language they were speaking in did not mean that they were drunk.  It was the language of the Holy Spirit of God known as “Tongues”.   On that day the apostles who had been praying for the Holy Spirit received the “gift of tongues”.   The crowd gathered were Parthians, Medes, Elamites, Jews of every nation under the sun. Greeks.   People of all nations and the most wonderful thing occured;  the apostles were able to address each in their own native tongue.

Thus began the Church at Pentecost.   Many were baptised and converted after hearing Peter and the apostles preach of one Jesus of Nazareth.  They were cut to the heart.   Almost 5 000 were brought to the faith.   All these strange and wonderful things happened in the Jewish Heartland.   In Jerusalem the Central Hub of the Jewish Faith and the Commercial Hub of Judea.   So that all that witnessed would believe on the Name of Jesus. A Name above all Names.   Many international converts to Judaism were present in the city and had come to worship at the Temple.   This milestone would have really shaken them and reafirmed their Faith in God.   In Jesus and now the Helper and Comforter; Paracletos.    Also in the Holy City Jerusalem.   All the Holy Spirit was doing was adding a new dimension to their well established faith by introducing them to the person of Jesus and the wonderful life-giving message that He preached.   

This supernatural event birthed the Church that Jesus was so passionat about.   His brainchild-Place of Worship  for the Father as the Jews had rejected Him and His followers.  There is no way of overcoming the Devil except through Jesus.   We all have to belong to the Body of Christ and pray for and receive the Gift of His Wonderful Holy Spirit.   Speaking in “tongues” is just a manifestation  of the Holy Spirit who makes certain things known through certain individuals.   Now they are also those who can interpret what is said and this is a relief!   It helps us understand God’s intentions.   There are also the gifts of healing through the laying on of hands.   Casting out demons in the Name of Jesus.   Prophesying.  etc.  

Speaking in “tongues” is an essential part of Church Service.   A sign that God is with us. A person from South Africa speaks in “tongues”, a person from Zambia interprets. Amazing!   The universal language of God.  In it is contained the essential message of God to His individual churches  throughout the world. To the uninformed it is merely the mumblings of a crazy person-but to the “gifted”, it is the language of God.   Once interpreted it is appreciated.   Tongues is an essential part of the ministry and an integral part of understanding God’s plan for His Universe, His people and us as individuals.   A person who speaks in tongues is highly esteemed and one who can interpret,  even more so.

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P.S. Spirit of the Living God fall afresh on me. (Also my article:-Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire which is in my Google-Blogger. or explains pentecost more).


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