Bangladesh, India And Illegal Immigrants

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 Recently I wished to hire a maid.  I passed the word around and the next day two girls appeared before my house and they told me that we are maids who do household work. They wore bindis like Hindus and when asked their names they gave Hindu names as well. I was satisfied, but asked them from which state they had come. The told me that they were from Calcutta. 

All went well for about 2 months when I had a visit from the local sub inspector of the police staion. He was respectful, but informed that he had some doubts that these girls were not indian, but had come from Bangla Desh. I was surprised and called the maids to question them. They confessed that they were indeed from Bangladesh, but had come to India as their was famine in their village. They had also bribed the the border guards to come to India. Their parents were still in Bangladesh and both these maids, who were sisters were sending money to their parents.

 I was in a a quandry, but was able to convince the police man that these girls were not from Bangla desh and were Indians. The inspector left, with a bottle of scotch  as a gift from me. Why I did it, I cannot fathom , but  perhaps a humane streak in me  did the  trick. If you look at in a legalistic way, perhaps I was harboring an illegal alien, but I did not see it that way. 

The fact is that Bangla desh is the international basket case witha large population, limited land resources and  pehaps the lowest per capita income in Asia. It is a land ravaged by floods and famines.  There are no hard figures available , but there could be at least 10 million Bangladeshi nationals working and making a living  in India.

 Before 1947 Bangladesh was a part of India, but it became part of Pakistan and  in 1971 helped break the 2 nation theory by becoming an independent state in its own right. Obviously there has to be a solution to the infux of Bangladesh nationals into India. But with hunger and lack of jobs in that part of Asia, these  nationals will continue to come and work in India.


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