How to Define Your Goals?

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      Lewis Hamilton of Formula 1;driver since his youth  knew what he wanted at the age of 9, he asked the boss if he could drive a McLaren in the future. History proved him right, he is currently one of the best Formula 1 drivers of his generation.

     Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton decided when they met at the university that they would play an important role in the life of their country. They  each became one of the key figures in the history of the United States, respectively, becoming its chairman and its secretary of state for Foreign Affairs.

    Closer to home, have you ever watched (on a TV or  read in newspapers) people who have any tackles for embarking on  adventure: starting a business in China and acquire and a Hotel in Tunisia …

   Successful people always have a specific goal. Virtuosos, professional athletes, major malls, great entrepreneurs, great leaders … All have this in common, which is to know exactly what they want in life.

   Yet most of us  do not fix or purpose our life goals. We live in dreams, most often we live below our capacity.

    For those who find it difficult to really define their goals, here are four simple and effective  steps to help you better define them.They  are:

* What do you really want? Answer this question accurately. Do you want to have € 30,000 in your bank account, or do you want to drive the latest Audi, the latest Golf, do you want to lose 5kg, do you want the leather lounge you’ve recently seen with AIM, do you want your children to study in United States. Choose the life you want to live, make the choice to do what you want most in the world. Certainly,it  may not be everything, but you will still benefit to try and get what you want intensely and have  the things for which you can pay any price.You don’t quit until you have succeeded.

* Clarify your ideals? Too often, people choose goals that do not conform to their priorities and their behavior. Is your ideal life full of health or comfort? Being financially independent is it just a wish for you or a priority? By comparing your ideals with your wishes, you will find that your ideals will always take over. Always make sure your goals match your ideals.

* Write your goals! Take your courage and write  what you want on a sheet of paper. Write them in your own words. Respect the rule accurately (Simple and specific, measurable, attainable, achievable, and limited in time) when you set your goals. How do you know you’ve reached your goal? How do you feel? Write it in details, as if you’ve already succeeded. Be as specific as possible. Read your goals every day morning and evening. Stayed focused on what you want.

* Get moving! To run a marathon, you must practice daily. For your business to be successful, you need your sales to increase every day. Have a harmonious family life requires  you to stay a little time with your wife (husband) a little more each day. You must be persistent. Your daily activities should be continuous, regular and progressive.

    Success is not as easy. It’s like a work of art. It requires work, effort. The first step is to imagine your work and gather all the tools you need to achieve it. Take time to make progress every day. It requires perseverance and self confidence. As an artist you too can create your own work. Write your goals, define them, make the right choices, be persistent in your actions and it is sure that you will succeed in  completing the masterpiece that is your own life.


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