Face Book And Twitter Two Most Power Full Social Sites on Inter Net

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Just like a regular social net work where individual get connected by some type of inter dependency like religion, finace,frendships etc ,the social work on the Internet also bring together people of similar interest .

           The social networking site allow user to create there own profile and get in touch with old friends. Find people with common interest the computer technology helped in making bridge between you and people around the world

          There are two most popular social net working site on Internet -1-Facebook -2- twitter these sides help you to connect and share with people in your life’s compare to face book the original idea behind twitter was simple a way to keep in touch and letting other know what one was doing at that point in time

          To get most of facebookand twitter promotion first step to follow to become member. Then at least give 1hr daily to both sites, you can find daily new promotional activity on these sites

         Almost every site either fore market, finance, games, gambling etc have linked with face book and twitter, when you regesterwith any side there is a option if you want to connect your self with face book and twitter through these sites if you do so then every new promotional activity of that side you can see it on your face book or twitter account.

    Promote yourself maximum on these two sites in effective manner use other top site link which they have with these two sites, you first decide your interested area and then through search of top sites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN get the address of these sites register with them and linked through these sites with your face book and twitter account

      It is one time hard work once you done that then just open computer open your face book and twitter account and you will get full information of  new promotion of your interested area you don’t need to jump like monkey open two sites and you will get maximum

     It is very wast topic but narrows it down just regester with face book and twitter give 1 hr to these sites you will get most of twitter and face book promotion



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