Best Selling Books of All Time

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Name of the Book

Copies sold (in millions)


The Bible : The Bible, is the holy book for the followers of      Christianity and Judaism. There are accounts of God’s revelation and plans of salvation for the humans.



Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung by Mao Zedong: Also referred as “Little Red Book” is the compilation of selected speeches and writings of the former Chinese Communist Party Leader. It was widely distributed during cultural revolution and is usually bound in bright red covers.



The Koran: The Koran is the holy book of Islams which Muslims follow. It is believed that the book is the compilation of the revelations that were made by the Allah to the Muhammad through angel Gabriel. Muslims follow the words of this holy book as their way of life which will bring them closer to Allah.



Xinhua Zidian: The Chinese Language dictionary is the another best-selling book from the Mainland China. This is undoubtedly the most popular dictionary in the world.



A Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens: This is regarded as       the best work in the history of fiction genre. The 45 chapter novel is about the French Revolution which takes place when the French peasants are demoralized by the French Aristocracy.



The book of Mormon written by Joseph Smith, Jr: It is the sacred book of the Latter Day Saint Movement (group of church founded by Joseph Smith, Jr). The book as believed by the writer is compilation of the writings of the prophets who lived in America from 2600 BC to AD 421.



Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone written by Joanne “Jo” Rowling: This is the first novel in the Harry Potter series where Harry, the main protagonist realizes that he has a supernatural powers. The evil character depicted in the novel is of Lord Voldemort who is encountered by Harry and his friends.



The Hobbit written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien: This is a critically acclaimed juvenile fictional novel about the journey of hobbit Bilbo to discover and share the treasure which is defended by the dragon named Smaug.



Dream of the Red Chamber written by Cao Xueqin: This Chinese book is considered to be a semi-autobiography set during the Qing Dynasty during the 18th century and deals with the rise and fall of the author’s own family and by and large Qing Dynasty.



And Then There Were None written by Agatha Christie: Originally Titled Ten Little Niggers which was changed to the original title is a detective novel which was first published in the year 1939. It is considered as Agatha’s best-selling novel and the plot includes tricking the 10 murderers who has escaped punishment into an island where they all are murdered.



The Lord Of The Rings written by John Ronald Reuel Tolkien: Although the book is divided into 3 volumes, but it was originally intended to be 1 book with 3 sections. The story starts with the ring created by the Lord Sauron, the main protagonist, to control the power of other leaders.



The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe written by Clive Staple Lewis is a fantasy novel and is the first book in the series of The Chronicles of Narnia. The story is set during World War II when 4 siblings escape the German assault on London and went to live with a Professor Kirke in the English countryside and accidentally discovers a magical world, Narnia.



She written by Henry Rider Haggard : It is an influential adventure novel and a narrative based on the journey of Holly and Leo in the Africa where they meet natives and their enigmatic white queen, She.



The Little Prince written byAntoine de Saint-Exupery: This is a French novella which depicts the the story of the pilot who crashes his plane in the Sahara desert and meets a little prince.



The Da Vinci Code written by Dan brown: The must read for Leonardo da Vinci’ fans, the book is a murder-mystery novel set in the France and UK. The novel is inspired from alternative religious history and central plot is based on the bloodline of Jesus Christ.



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