The Internet From my Experience And The Influence on Our Business in Colombia

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When I was just a little boy i always tough about create my own company on internet, i remember the time i spent in front of my desktop trying to connect to internet and hearing those strange sounds that annoyed everybody in the house. Nowadays, almost everything is available on the web from games till ways of making money, and that last one is the one that stills ringing a bell…

I think every business has a role to play on the internet, or has something that could be done to create value to the organization, we’re seeing the web 2.0 tools as a method to make business online, and the most important thing, the arise of the e-commerce on the global economy. And that’s the thing i would like to talk about, e-commerce is something that the country need the most at this moment to improve their transactions, i personally have a lot of friends using credit cards in order to purchase a list of items their friends want to buy, but they don’t have the plastic required to do it.

As we know Colombian culture is not into credits, a lot of people that i know doesn’t have a credit card or even they appear on Datacredito so they can´t acquire one, and a lot of transactions are issued by credit card on the internet, that means, that a lot of business is hold just because they don’t have the requisites to complete that simple transaction.

Is true that a lot of the financial movement is made online and in Colombia we need to improve our e-commerce platform so we can find a way of online payment so we can successfully perform transactions that can end up in a future organization or international relationships.

Another point of view is that a lot of people in the country things that the only thing you can do to create business on the web is with a organization as facebook, or just developing software, we can see that internet is not just a way of making business is also a huge tool to manage it, we can increase our sales by opening a portal on the web to sell our product 24/7, we can create community groups for discussions regarding culture, prices, products, and we can create our own market investigation, we reduce cost doing so, that means, that internet is not just for fun or buy and sell things, is also a tool to improve  every single department that a company has.

We can also improve the environment, reducing the use of paper and procedures, ink, folders and space, introducing data warehouses so we can keep our information clear and organized.

When we talk about information is the primary asset on the web, is the thing that links the world and makes the internet so successful, if we manage our information put it online and use it to our benefit we can create our own business where the use per time of data is our income.

The most important thing about internet is that we can success in every aspect we are good at no matter what, and I say so because a lot of people make money that way, I have friends that play poker online, playing on 5 to 6 tables on the same time with strategies, and they now have a car, they pay for their carrier and are independent, even they think that poker online is a profession, also people that play massive multiplayer online games, become champions and win prizes in money every time they enter a tournament, they got sponsored and receive payments from them.

I remember the time I create a group on facebook, was a about poker tournaments, and we have a schedule for them, pictures, scores, prices, and we do it online hoping people join, however the game didn’t go that far so the group remain in the darkness, but I also have a friend that commercialize their blackberries on facebook and he’s doing very well.

The history of internet and his trick is the contact, I think if we can make that contact to grow up for good we can create our own business and start to gain money, well this is the capitalist idea of the whole system but it really simplifies how things can turn to your profit on the web.

In conclusion, internet is the greatest invent ever made from everybody, and that’s because we all helped to create it, that simplifies our transactions, converts our world into a little screen, and translate it so we can experience trade and share the information and products we want.


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