Antisocial Personality Disorder

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* By: Dr. Andri, SpKJ *

Cases involving death row inmate Ryan or Veri Idham Henyansyah again emerged after the review effort (PK) of lawyer-related death sentence imposed. Ryan on Thursday (09/22/2011) present in the District Court yesterday Depok, West Java during the trial by reading the agenda of the reasons attorneys do a review.

Mental Disorders words and psychopath then began to appear in the trial lawyers raised by Ryan. Unfortunately, the use of the word psychopath is not entirely appropriate in terms of diagnosis of mental disorders because these terms are not recognized in the diagnosis of mental disorder.

Some mental health among the most likely answer the same when asked about what happened to Ryan’s mental health. The possibility that the most likely diagnosis is an antisocial personality disorder which was once better known as a psychopath.

Surely this is a differential diagnosis, because for proper diagnosis needs to conduct a direct examination and complete. Psychiatrists can not be diagnosed based solely on news in the newspaper without seeing the patient directly.

So whether it is antisocial personality disorder? Antisocial personality disorder diagnosis in the manual of mental disorders according to DSM IV-TR (American Psychiatric Association’s output) and ICD 10 (output of the World Health Organization / WHO) is part of Mental Disorders.

People who have personality disorders did not realize she was sick. He feels there is nothing wrong with him, so people like this will not come to pikiater or clinical psychologist to ask for healing. The absence of insight into this self that makes a personality disorder have a small possibility of full recovery.

Many personality disorders associated with violent behavior and crime is antisocial personality disorder. The literature says about 70 percent of people jailed this type of personality disorder. When you have this disorder, the individual is unable to comply with social norms that exist in society. Although much associated with criminal acts, it does not mean the disorder is synonymous with criminality.

Incidence of this personality disorder in the community is about 3 percent for males and 1 percent for women. It usually occurs in urban areas who are poor or low social economic levels. Some of the behaviors that often occur in individuals with this disorder are: lying, violence against others, running away from home, stealing, fighting, drug use and illegal activities. Some reports say, the behavior begins even when childhood.

Individuals who experience this disorder do not experience anxiety or depression due to his actions. Explanations that are sometimes beyond the common sense of his actions often create mental health experts think about whether schizophrenia is a disorder. But from a mental examination is usually never found the existence of delusions or irrational thoughts.

In fact, often individuals with this disorder show a high power of thought and speech that exceeded the average. For this reason, often found that manipulative behavior towards others. They are unreliable and almost never speak the truth about his actions. We see it as people who have no conscience.

Can it be punished?

Individuals who experience this state usually does not realize that she was sick. It is almost certain when this disorder develops, then this disorder will not experience the improvement. Although there are some experts who said it would decrease further towards adulthood.

Most personality disorders are often difficult to treat. The situation is aggravated because the individuals who experience this disorder have no insight or self-awareness that he needs to be treated. People around the individual who will feel the impact of a very unpleasant behavior of people suffering from this disorder.

Although the so-called mental disorders, but that does not mean people who experience this disorder can not be punished. Events that occur in the case of Ryan will put Ryan in obvious lawsuits.

As we know first, everyone knows that Ryan did this one also because of the material. It can be seen that the victim’s property taken by the perpetrator. Ryan also knows that his actions legal consequence to hide or bury the victim in the last mutilated.

In the book of Forensic Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry experts my teacher, Dr.. Wahjadi Darmabrata, SpKJ (K), stated, “In the past diagnosis of mental disorder is considered sufficient to declare that the defendant was acquitted. In fact, the expected real certainty how far is the responsibility of defendants to actions that violate the law. ”

For this reason, a fundamental examination of Ryan’s case needs to be done by a forensic psychiatrist who understand psychiatric disorders and criminality associated with the conditions experienced actors.

Precise and careful examination will make the results of the examination can be a material consideration in reaching a decision to judge the perpetrators are often considered to be mentally ill and can not be punished.


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