How to avoid being scammed on the Internet

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Internet is wide an if you are not prudent you can get scammed everydays. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while browsing the internet :

1) Avoid “Get rich quick” Ebooks. Even if they promise 100s of dollars a day. Theres nobody checking and actually their earnings proof are all fake ( see here how they do :
Those products are often promoted on websites like squidoo or hubpages and sold through

2) Avoid Acai Berry free trial offers. You will often have problems cancelling the trial ( or )

3) Avoid answering to unknown people Sending you messages through Myspace or any other social network. They are just doing e-whoring ( Chatting with people in order to earn money by making them signup to cam or dating websites ). This simple google search : will make you understand what e-whoring is

4) Check what you download. Companies are paying people to install spyware on your computer. Theres even a forum dedicated to this :

5) Avoid ptc companies (such as, 99% of them are scams and will never pay.

These tips are simple to follow and should prevent you from falling into internet scams. As an additional advice you should always search for an company reputation on google before buying a product from it.


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