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Do you like to cook? Well, Cooking Club of America has lots of interesting recipes in their cook books; everything from breads, to apple pie, to cobber chicken salad. They sent me two knives to try out one was the to go knife and the other was ceramic knife. You can peel the skin off the apple very easily with a ceramic knife. The to go knife is great for peeling potatoes. The recipes are are very easy. The book ( Cooking Essential) I can look up the different kind of flower, The bread flower is good if making bread. Whit Flour is good for making pastries.

My Mom, and I made a Double Crust Apple Pie. They have pictures to show you step by step on how to cook from how to cut the butter; how to mix it with your fingers; I have to say the apple pie was delicious. There a White Layer Cake is also easy to make; so far the recipes were delicious. Both recipes will tell you what kind of flower to us weather its for a White Layer Cake or Double Crust Apple Pie.

My, mom and I made Cobber Chicken Salad; where it called for a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. She just shook. Just add some type of soup and the Cobber Chicken Salad and you have a nice dinner. The salad were huge. The recipe make about four large salads. I like the little box down on the lower right corner where it said “Chef Notes” if your not a fan of blue cheese use your favorite cheese. It will tell to try strawberries or what some other fruit of your choosing.

Mom suggests next time we make we should add almonds to add a little crunch to it. I think that will be awesome. I could take a my ceramic knife and slice some strawberries nice and thin and add it to the salad. I have to say yes I want to make the Cobber Chicken Salad again, and then we can make either the White layer Cake; Double Crust Apple pie for desert.

The White Layer cake you put strawberries jam in the middle. Then you sprinkle supper fine sugar on top then cut and enjoy.


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