Unforgettable: Pilot

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I really wasn’t sure whether or not I’d like the new TV series called Unforgettable. The series stars Poppy Montgomery, and I had about had my fill of her in Without a Trace. However, I was curious about the show’s premise so I did tune into the pilot episode.

The first thing I noticed is that Montgomery changed her hair, leaving her blondness behind. That was a smart move. Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG-1 did the same thing when she began her current series, Sanctuary. It really helps to create a departure from the old series, especially when there is not that much of a time gap between the two shows.  In Montgomery’s case, it gives her more credibility.

In Unforgettable, Montgomery plays Carrie Wells.  We see her first working in some kind of special needs home. This is not a casual scene, and it comes back to have great importance at the end. More than that, it is poignant. I love touching moments like the one we received here, and it did explain a lot, so pay attention to the opening when you watch.

The gimmick of this show that makes it different from the all the other crime shows out there is that Wells has a very rare ability. She is able to recall things completely, no matter when it occurred.  She can literally she herself as she experiences some recall, good or bad, from her past. This is what helps her in her career as a cop.

There is a romantic entanglement for Wells when she meets up with her past lover and the two cooperate to solve a crime.  The crime itself is pretty average. There isn’t anything about it that makes it stand out, but the crux of the show is more on this unique ability of the Wells character.

In the show, we frequently witness Wells as she uses her gift to recall or visualize past moments. It can be a little slow, but overall, it is actually rather interesting.

So, Montgomery has won me over, at least for another week, and then we’ll see just where the show takes us.


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