Raley's To Go Cheese Stuffed Shells With a Rustica Tomato Sauce

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As a rule, I really love the new Raley’s To Go line of products.  As such, I eagerly checked out its Cheese Stuffed Shells with a Rustica Tomato Sauce.  In fact, I have had it a few times.  That said, I doubt I will attempt it again anytime soon.

I love pasta, which is one of the reasons I was particularly looking forward to trying out this variety of the line.  However, I just cannot get it to cook properly.

One of the advantages of the Raley’s To Go meals is that they are very simple to prepare and only take a few minutes  In this case, all it takes is about 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave, followed by a resting time of one minute.  For most of the other meals I have tried, this has not been an issue.

However, with Raley’s To Go Cheese Stuffed Shells with a Rustica Tomato Sauce, I have not been able to get the entire dish to heat appropriately.  The only other meal that even has an issue is one that includes penne, but that only has a few less tender pieces from the bottom of the bowl.  With the stuffed shells, it is wide spread, and I simply cannot figure out the problem.

The main issue for me is the texture of the shells and having the contents be as hot as I like it.  There is a consistency factor that makes it difficult to enjoy. The pasta tends to be too tough and the rest of the meal a little too cool.  Maybe I am missing something, but this is the most disappointing of the meals in this line, and as I have said, I have attempted it multiple times this year.

The shells are served with mixed vegetables along with garlic and chive butter. The vegetables include broccoli, green beans, and carrots.

So, this meal sounds promising, but it does not deliver in my opinion. There is something off in the balance in getting the shells to be tender with the insides piping hot.  Hopefully, they will improve the dish in the future.


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