Raley's To Go Green Beans in Garlic & Chive Butter

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The subject of this review is Raley’s To Go Green Beans in Garlic & Chive Butter.  This is a product I enjoy in essence because it is easy to fix, does not create a mess, and is good tasting to eat.

The neat thing about these Raley’s To Go meals is that they are so convenient.  This variety comes in a bowl of 12 ounces and contains four servings of 70 calories each. The cooking process is a breeze, something that I value very much.

The food is in a plastic bowl with a plastic film atop it.  All you do is puncture the film about 4 times and then put in the microwave for about 4 minutes.  When it’s done, let it rest for another minute.  That is all there is to it.  As a person who hates clean up, this works very well for me.

The food is always fresh as well.  The meals are prepared daily and then shipped to the stores. They have expiration dates of within a few days to ensure freshness. That said, you can freeze them and make them last much longer, if you like.

I love green beans, so I was really excited to try out this product.  The green beans are the more produce like long green beans and not the cut versions that are short.  I admit to being used to the cut variety, but that really has little to do with the taste.  Still, my one complaint, though that is not the right word, is that I wish the green beans were shorter.  They are just a tad too long for me. Of course, I just cut them myself, but it is something I have noticed and think about.

As for taste, which is the most critical thing, they are great.  I love the garlic and chive butter. It makes it all fantastic.  It is a filling serving that makes a great side dish or a healthy treat at any time during the day.

So, Raley’s To Go Green Beans in Garlic & Chive Butter is another winner for this terrific line of easy to prepare, fresh meals.


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