Islam Not Give Premission For Suiside Attack

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  • It is a very important topic all the non Muslim against the Muslim mean Islam, Why?, two decades ago non Muslim did not hate Muslim liking or this liking always there, from last on decade Muslim are out of track, they are not following the instruction of GOD in his true sprit, due to that their lifestyle  does not indicate that they are Muslim

In Islam, there is no permission for anyone  to make minor change if he/she does so mean they are out of Islam, there is no, I, and but you have to follow the instruction of GOD but I feel sorry to say today 75 percent Muslim not following the Islam in his true sprit there fore they are under the control of non Muslim did you believe that Muslim country has gold, sliver, diamond, oil, gas, money then why they are so behind, why when USA wants, he killed thousand Muslim and from Muslim community no one feel courage to say just USA  is wrong it is only because they are out of track if you see history when ever Muslim are on track they roll the world.

       How Muslim became a terrorist and kill innocent people,  Islam’s fix rule in condition of war and these rules are you ca not kill children, women, and old people and a person who through his weapon during the war then how Islam gives permission to kill innocent people.    

In any condition Muslim cannot  kill Muslim now what Muslim are doing they are killing thousands of Muslim including kids, women, old people if it is ban not to kill non Muslim children,  women, old people than who give them permission to kill Muslim  

    These people are not Muslim by name, they are Muslim but they have some goal in order to achieve these goals, they can kill anyone  ,These people are Muslim because the born in muslin family, they are not following the instruction of GOD , it mean they are out from Islam in Islam there is no +/- you obey what given instruction in any circumstance.

 Few last word Muslim are not terrorist, the teaching of Islam is the gets teaching if you follow it and pass your life according to that teaching then there is no need to write any thing on Muslim because world can judge who are best among rest Muslim never attack from behind it is against the dignity of Islam , so what these people doing is against the Islam .


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