A Good Friend is Gift of God

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Friendship s a wonderful experience .A person without friends is an unfortunate being. All of us need friends to console us when we are unhappy. to cheer up when we are depressed, to help us when we are in need and to be with us when we are happy. who is a good friend?  The first quality that we look for in a friend is sincerity .He should not be a hypocrite .we should know what he hank and feels.

        A good friend is one with whom you can be at ease., good friend is sympathetic to you in every thing. He is interested in your welfare and happiness. He  does his best to help you whenever he can .You don’t have to ask him for help .But if he does not know of your difficulties you feel no hitch in telling him .Friendship flourishes on mutual trust .when that is missing there is some thing wrong with friendship. A good friend is prepared to sacrifice his own interests for the sake of his friend .A selfish man can never be a good friend , in friendship as in love ,you give. You don’t with hold ,if you do so you are not a good friend , there is a common notion that there are no quarrels among  real friends. This is wrong. There are quarrels even among real friends .But these quarrels are not always the end of friendship. A good friends attitude to these quarrels is generous .He does not his faith in his friend s integrity

       To essence of the matter is that friendship is  in some way very much similar to it some times  painful but there is a pleasure in that pain .It is spiritual relationship. The harmony we find between two friends is spiritual harmony .It is often seen that two real friends can spend in each others company without being bored .May be that major part of these hours is spent in silence. The silence is not uncomfortable because there is an inner link which keep the two together , Happiness lies in getting together .A good friend is, in short ,a rare possession that one must thank GOD if one get a really good friend.


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