Zero Day Cyber Attacks

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In Hong Kong, almost everyone works on networked computers which are permanently connected to the Internet, using ‘always-on’ high speed connections. With a growing reliance on such permanently connected computers, internet threats such as viruses, hackers, spam, undesirable content, and spyware, have also been accelerating at high speed. Both confidential personal data and vital company secrets, can easily be stolen via the internet, if effective protection is not put in place before an attack.

“Public awareness of computer security in general is extremely poor; most people don’t think about hackers, or viruses, or indeed anything to do with cyber security at all, until they become a victim, and then it’s usually too late,” said Michael Gazeley, Managing Director of Network Box. “Once your private data has been stolen, it’s almost certainly gone for good, ” he added. It is very important for the public to realize and understand the importance of computer security, so that they can protect themselves from cyber attack.

Among all the viruses on the internet, it is the “zero day” viruses which currently constitute the most dangerous threat. These are viruses which take advantage of previously unknown computer vulnerabilities, and which almost none of the traditional anti-virus systems can deal with.

To combat this serious emerging threat, Network Box developed a new in-the-cloud anti-malware technology called “Z-Scan,” specifically to deal with these “zero day” virus attacks. Network Box recently won the 2011 Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Technological Achievement Grand Award, for this state-of-the-art system. It can take as little as three seconds, to react to new viruses which appear on the internet. This is up to 4,200 times faster, than the fastest of the traditional competition. Validated and certified by the Tolly Group, Network Box has proved 100% effective against Extended WildList Malware, for POP3, HTTP and SMTP.

Apart from desktop and laptop computers, Network Box has also updated their systems to make sure mobile devices are protected from malware too. “Mobile devices are now used to access the internet even more than traditional desktops or laptops, so protecting them against infection from the internet, as well as protecting local networks from these mobile devices, are now very important issues too,” stressed Michael.


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