How to Catch Him Cheating

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Husbands who are going to other ladies than their wives take caution, a medicine named Ka Fashto is out in the market that may expose your action. The medicine which don’t have the approval from Ministry of Health is available in the shops that sale natural medicines and perfumes. 

Saudi ladies arrive largely with the demand for Ka Fashto. One bottle Ka Fashto costs around 500 Riyal. Ka Fashto is already on sale in Kuwait and Bahrain. This may cause a chance to increase the case of divorces in Gulf countries which is already high. 

The medicine first arrived in the market a few months ago. An Indo-American company named Herbo Medica is the manufacturer of the medicine. 

The truth behind the medicine works with following principle that when human do the sexual intercourse the man’s count will come down temporarily as a result of the biological reactions in the body. As a result of the reaction of the body some chemicals are produced in the body and Ka Fashto joined with these chemicals produce a special scent from the body. 

In America the medicine costs USD 45/- for one bottle. Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) has approved this medicine after ensuring that it doesn’t have any chemicals. FDA has approved the medical shops to give the medicine to customers without a doctor’s prescription. 

This medicine is first prepared with natural ingredients by Indian nationality Mrs. Shankitha Balaval. The company website says that Mrs. Shankitha found her husband’s cheating with this medicine and got divorce from the court. Medical companies tried to win the manufacturing of medicine with millions of dollars bid. Use this below mentioned watch to install a tracker and track your husband’s moves. D&G Dolce & Gabbana Men’s DW0753 Medicine Man Ext TV Case Analog Backlight Multicolor Dial Watch""


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