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I really like to teach people how to make money online, and

rather than writing a common manual on “how to”, I wanted to

show you how I trained a complete newbie to make his first

affiliate commission of $33,80 selling his first clickbank product

without investing any money.

Follow the steps outlined in this case study to make your first

affiliate commission (except your Internet connection!).

Be aware that you can make your first commission the first week

of using this method, or after a few months. It will depend on

your commitment, your market profitability and a few other


Note that it is also possible to make your first commission the

very first day, using the power of pay per click advertising and

affiliate marketing, but it is not our subject here.

I recommend that you start without spending too much money,

and reinvest your earnings once you make your first commission.

When you earn your first dollar online, everything become easier.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest and fastest way to make money

on the Internet, however it is not a “get rich quick scheme”. It’s

a real business, and there is some work involved in order to

achieve your goals…

1) What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a well known affiliate marketing network with

thousands of digital info products that can be downloaded

instantly by the buyer after his purchase.

A clickbank product can be an ebook or a software. You will

generally earn generous commissions on the sales since there

are no shipping costs for the merchant. You can earn

commissions up to $100 on a single product.

It’s easy to register as an affiliate, and it takes less than 5


2) How do you get paid?

Clickbank send checks (your affiliate commissions) every fifteen

days like clockwork. I receive my checks every two weeks in

France, and you can start receiving your checks in the mail as

well if you follow this tutorial and decide to take action.

3) Make your first clickbank commission

without spending a dime…

This is the exact method I teach to my private students to earn a

steady income with clickbank, and eventually make a full living

online through affiliate marketing.

Be aware that it can take anywhere between one week to several

months to work. If you stick to this plan, you will own a powerful

Internet affiliate marketing business that will grow overtime and

become a good source of income.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the process, it works. Follow

each of the step in this case study, and take action to make your

first clickbank commission.

My “affiliate marketing protege” entered the “learn French online”

market with this proven and effective strategy and made his first

affiliate commission without any prior knowledge of Internet or

Affiliate marketing. He is also making money from Google

Adsense, but it is not the focus of this ebook.

He started one day after I sat with him and explained him the

whole picture. The secret of his success is simple: he took action.

The blog that my student used to make his first commission can

be found here: Learn French Online

Get started now…


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