Facebook Flirting Tips – How To Flirt On Facebook

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The newest in a long line of online flirting methods is Facebook flirting. It naturally extends text flirting or email flirting and capitalize on being associated with the world’s most recent and popular website for social networking.

The extra plus in flirting on Facebook involve the fact that you can view her profile. This way you have things to say to her in a conversation and in addition you have the option of talking to her by way of instant messaging. You are able to view her photos as well; on other social sites you can only view photos added and posted by her but on Facebook, you can also see photos that were added by family members and friends which should give a real good idea of her personality. Here are a few Facebook flirting tips that may assist you making your flirting a success.

The very first tip to keep in mind when Facebook flirting is to allow things to remain natural. If you appear to be stalking her it will certainly scare her away as this is very eerie. Also, you want to maintain an air of certain mysteriousness about you to keep her fascinated and wanting to know some more about you. The information you put on your profile should be just enough for her to get a good idea about your personality and to have something of interest to talk about, but never too much that she believes there is nothing more for her to find out.

It is important also to remember that on your Facebook page you are displaying a picture of yourself. She will be able to view your comments and whatever you write on other people’s wall; if your privacy settings do not allow her to see your comments and posts then she may think you are hiding something. It is advisable that you keep your settings fairly open and be nice, polite and well-mannered when posting comments, etc on the site.

Do not mistake what I am trying to say here though. This does not mean you should be boring because it is very crucial that you are not. Go ahead and be witty with your status updates, comments and any other posts. You want her to realize that you are fun to be around and that you have a sense of humour. It is very important to note that women are attracted to guys who are able to make them laugh.

You also want to let her know that you are truly a sociable guy, so ensure that you take pictures when you socialize with friends and add these to your profile. Women like to be able to see that you are friendly and easy to deal with. A very good tip here is to post pictures of yourself and other women too.

I certainly don’t mean posting pictures of you being intimate with other women, but casual pictures of you and your female friends will allow her to see that other women can be comfortable around you and this will make her confident that she too can be at ease around you.


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