5 Signs a Relationship Is Over

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When a relationship is over sometimes it can be hard to come to terms with. Especially if one member of the partnership is unwilling to accept it. Sometimes there may be signs a relationship is over but the people in the relationship may still be unsure. Because of this uncertainty people often stay in relationships simply hoping the situation will get better with time. Sometimes people stay in relationships knowing the relationship is dead out of fear of the unknown. The fact of the matter is more often than not if the spark is gone and you are becoming increasingly irritated by the other person’s habit’s and general existence then the relationship is over.

Here are 5 deciding factors that can be telltale signs of the end of a relationship.

1. You find ways to avoid each other (You’re at work while they’re at home or vice versa)

2. The slightest conversation takes extreme effort and often ends up an argument

3. Your sex life is virtually non existent or being intimate takes extreme effort

4. Things you use to think were cute or sweet begin to annoy you

5. You can’t remember what you saw in the person initially

If you agree to any of these examples then your relationship requires some work.

Even when a relationship is on the rocks it is still a good idea to talk to your partner so that you can both voice your opinions. You may discover that the problems aren’t as dire as you initially thought and be able to make amends. And if you can’t make amends at least try to part on decent and agreeable terms. A bad break up takes a lot longer to recover from and can be the underlying source to trust issues in a new relationship.

If you do decide to try to talk to your partner don’t do it at home. Go out. Have something to eat and try talking over dinner, Try going for a walk or even sitting in a park where you are less likely to get into a confrontational situation.

Things to try discussing are:

1. Is there any way the issues can be rectified?
2. Is there a particular reason for the distance that has developed between you both?
3. Could counselling help?

If you do decide to give the relationship another go it has to be a fresh start. There can be no bringing of old issues into the new beginning. Forgive yourself and your partner for allowing the relationship to get to that point and agree to take things slowly. Bring back the spontaneity by going on dates, trying new hobbies and interests together. Relationships are hard work and require dedication in order for them to work but sometimes there is no amount of work that will fix the damage that has been done. If this is the case then talking is still advisable no matter how difficult it may be. Regardless of what has happened there was a reason for your initial attraction and genuine love for each other. Try to hold onto that during the break up period and reassure yourself that just because this relationship doesn’t work there is no reason to believe the next one won’t.


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