Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Microwave Popcorn

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In my quest during the past year to find a microwaveable popcorn that is tasty and worth its price, I checked out Pop Secret Movie Theater Butter Microwave Popcorn.  I had become dissatisfied by my favorite brand, which just didn’t pop in the microwave like it used to. I had so many unpopped kernels and bags that didn’t inflate more than halfway that I began to experiment with other brands, like Pop Secret.

I love theatrical popcorn with lots of butter.  It’s been something I’ve loved since childhood.  My former favorite had a variety that tasted great, when it popped.  So, when I saw Pop Secret with a similar variety, I decided to give it a try.

The good news was that the bag popped like it should. That helps to give me a feeling that I’m at least getting what I’m paying for, and it reaffirmed that it wasn’t my microwave, but the product.  So, I liked having a full bag of popcorn.

There were also less unpopped kernels, which I liked. There will always be some unpopped, but with my old brand, you could fill a bowl. It was just too costly.

As for taste, it was definitely popcorn with lots of butter, but I did not quite get the joy from the taste that I did with the old brand’s version. I have not been able to pinpoint what exactly the difference is, but something came up lacking.  Perhaps it was simply the brand of butter used. I just do not know. Still, it was good enough to purchase in place of the old.

However, that said, my store does not carry this version very often, and I ended up experimenting with the Home Style variety from Pop Secret.  To my surprise, I actually prefer it over the Movie Theater Butter version. It is lighter, but still tasty, and it satisfies me.

Now, I still enjoy this version and would still buy it, but as I said, it is rare for my store to carry it. I am now used to the Home Style and probably would choose it over this variety. As I said, it needs some improvement in the butter taste, but it’s still good.


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