California Pizza Kitchen: Hawaiian Recipe

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California Pizza Kitchen: Hawaiian Recipe is one of a few varieties of this brand that I’ve tried this year in their crispy thin crust offerings. I have long heard about this brand which comes from a brick and mortar pizza company, but until 2011, I have not tried it. The only reason I did was when I was able to combine a coupon with a sale to end up paying almost nothing for the pizza.

The pizza is definitely thin and crispy, which to be honest, I am not fond of.  In fact, I actually prefer pan pizzas.  I just am not that crazy about crisp foods, but I still decided to give the product a try.

As for preparation, it is quick and easy. It comes with instructions for microwaving and the oven, but I actually use my Presto Pizzazz Plus to heat it up.  It tends to make the taste more true, like from the restaurant.

The Hawaiian recipe includes toppings of pineapple, hickory smoked ham, reduced fat mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.  I was satisfied with the results on the whole. I am really not that fond of pineapple, but it blended in well, and it was not so predominant that it took away from my enjoyment.

I really liked the ham, but wanted more. That is probably my biggest criticism. It could have used a bit more of that topping.

The crust was definitely crisp, as I’ve referred to before. It’s almost like a cracker that you break in order to eat it. For me, that is not the ultimate and that is what will prevent me from purchasing any variety of California Pizza Kitchen too often. I don’t know if they offer a regular crust, but my store does not carry it if they do.

The size I purchased was the single, mini-pizza that is about 6.2 ounces. It was not as filling as I would have liked, either. A few more ounces or a bit more abundance in the toppings would have helped with that.

On the whole, it was good, and when on sale and with a coupon, I will probably buy it again from time to time.


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