Pop Secret Home Style Microwave Popcorn

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I must admit right off the top that I was super surprised by Pop Secret Home Style Microwave Popcorn. I have long been a fan of another popular brand, but in recent years, the bags just didn’t pop full. I felt like I was wasting my money, so I began to investigate some other brands. Now I’ve had various Pop Secret varieties before, but not the Home Style version.

Wow!  Big wow!  I couldn’t believe it when I tasted it for the first time. I am a butter lover on my popcorn, but I didn’t feel like I needed to add any, and that is without this being a super enhanced type of popcorn. I was used to buying the movie theatrical version of my favorite brand, but this Pop Secret type did the job without needed all that extra.

I have now been using this popcorn as my preferred brand and variety for 2011.  I buy a lot of it, and I have not been disappointed.  In the first place, the bag pops full.  I have learned not to use the ‘popcorn’ button on the microwave, though, as sometimes it needs some additional seconds, so I just key in a time and listen for the pops to stop, as is actually recommended.

I have not had one bag not pop fully. I am definitely getting more bang for my popcorn buck now that I’ve switched brands. Pop Secret is frequently on sale and even when it’s not, it is less expensive than my old brand.  It is definitely more reliable.

Better yet from a healthy standpoint, I’m actually eating less butter than with the other.  I don’t add anything extra, and I’m tasting the butter anyway.  The kernels are popping with less unpopped than with other brands I’ve tried. They are full size pieces, and they taste just great, even light and not that heavy.

So, I am loving Pop Secret Home Style Microwave Popcorn with a passion. It is giving me a delicious treat that has proven to be more reliable than any other brand I’ve tried over the years. The Home Style variety is now my number one choice.


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