Raising Hope: Prodigy

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After watching a few episodes in season one, I turned into Raising Hope: Prodigy, which was the first outing for the comedy show’s second year.  The show has done well, but it just did not catch on with me. I am not that much into the sitcoms of the current era; it tends to not be my type of humor.

However, the show has always had possibilities, and I do understand why it has done well for Fox.  I knew I would be watching an episode coming up in October as it is going to star Richard Dean Anderson and his real life daughter, Wylie. Then the day Prodigy aired, I learned that Wylie was in Prodigy as an extra, so I decided I would watch, just to see her.  She was very visible, but it was just an extra role as she and other teenage girls went ga-ga over a boy prodigy.

The opening of the episode was done in song and was a unique way of bringing viewers up to date on the premise of the series, while also advising the baby hope is growing up, walking and beginning to talk now. I thought it was funny and well done.

Martha Plimpton as baby Hope’s grandmother was fun to watch this time around. She annoyed me in season one during the shows I watched. Perhaps the character has evolved.

Lucas Neff is Hope’s father, and I always thought he had some interest. I liked that his character took responsibility of fatherhood seriously. He still does, and amid the corny comedy, there is a message in that which I like a lot.

The crux of this half hour had Neff’s Jimmy discovering that he had been a prodigy in terms of singing and playing the piano as a teenager. He’d forgotten all of it after being hit in the head by a golf putter at a miniature golf course. Now that is where the plot gets a bit far out. Still, there is some element of humor there that makes it okay.

So, Prodigy was an okay start.  I’m glad I saw Wylie and look forward to seeing how she does doing some real acting with her dad later this season.


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