Why Are Aligning My Beliefs, Actions And Values So Important?

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Aligning your beliefs, actions and values is critically important to realizing abundance.
I think the bottom line is that if they’re not aligned then you’re going to get conflicted results and the results you get are probably not going to be what you want. And if prosperity is what you want, they absolutely have to be aligned.

Your beliefs and your values really should be the basis of your actions. For some people their actions don’t really line up with their stated beliefs and values. And when that’s the case, they’re going to go so far up, say, the Prosperity Pyramid or so far along the path that they supposedly want to go on and then they’re going to get knocked back down. It’s happened to me.

So I needed to realign myself relative to my belief basis, my values and question did my actions line up or not. And if they didn’t, either lie to myself and continue to go down the road of failure or do something about it, and either change my belief basis and values or get my actions aligned with those belief basis and values. And I did the latter finally.

So that’s a key component is I have belief basis and values at the bottom of the pyramid and I have actions at the top, right? And then the pieces in between are the lifetime vision. So if you articulate a heart-felt lifetime vision that speaks to your belief basis and values then obviously that will be aligned and then as you go up the Prosperity Pyramid or as you continue to make progress and you take actions, those actions absolutely have to be aligned with your lifetime vision and your belief basis and values and then the other components of the Prosperity Pyramid.

But the bottom line is they have to align if you want to progress and if they’re not aligned, you’re going to hit roadblocks, you’re going to hit trouble, you’re going to hit turbulence and you’re going to be pushed back. You have to say ‘What’s happening?’ ‘Why is it happening?’ ‘Why am I being pushed back?’ And then take corrective action.

And a lot of times it involves deep self questioning and if you can ask yourself the right questions and face them honestly and then do something about it, then you make changes that help you grow and progress and prosper.


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