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I have been waiting to see CSI: NY: Indelible, the premier of the series’ 8th season on the air, ever since I first heard about it over the summer.  The show was finally going to show Detective Mac Taylor’s wife and how she died on 9/11. I’ll say straight up that it was a poignant, wonderful hour that did much to honor the tragedy of September 11, 2001. There was nothing commercial about it to me; it was a fitting tribute to the first responders.

Gary Sinese, a brilliant actor who plays Taylor, has done some terrific work on this series.  While I don’t watch it on a weekly basis, I tune in occasionally and am most always touched by his work.  I recall vividly the first season when Taylor was shown at Ground Zero, just staring and mourning the loss of his wife. It was touching and heartfelt.

Since then, Taylor has had romances, and quite honestly, I’m not sure if the character is currently involved with anyone or not, but this hour of remembrance was top notch.

Guest star Jaime Ray Newman, who I most associate with a little holiday movie called Under the Mistletoe that also starred Michael Shanks, did a wonderful job as Taylor’s wife, Claire.  She is recalled in flashbacks of 9/11/01. We see how the Taylor’s begin their day, we feel their love, and then we see their shock and horror over the terrorist acts of the day.

We learn that Claire was one of the heroes. She actually got out of the Twin Towers, but we assume she went back in, to try to help rescue others. By the time Mac reaches the area, it’s 9:03, and the tower pancaked.

The only thing I don’t like is that there wasn’t that last verification that Claire did go back inside. They left a twinge of doubt that they could use later if they want, a feeling supported by Taylor’s admission that Claire’s body was never found or identified.

Other remembrances from other cast members added to the importance of the hour. In fact, I was surprised that one of the best bits came at the end from the Adam character that usually annoys me. It seems he slept through it all. This was a powerful scene in my opinion.

On the whole, this was a great hour and a great tribute. Sinese was superb, and I am so glad they went back to that inner loss that he brings to the forefront so beautifully, if only for this hour.


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