Iphone App Review – Usps Mobile

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USPS Mobile is the United States Postal Service Mobile app, and I love it! Hands down this app is awesome. As soon as you open the app it takes you straight to the Calculate Postage page, which is really the only reason to have this app.

As cool and simple as it is. Just pic the destination at the top, where ever your letter or package is going. It’s on United States (Domestic Mail) by default so if your sending something around the country, leave that part alone.

Next you simply type in the shipping from and shipping too zip codes. Which this thing also has a zip code look up incase you don’t know. So it makes it that much easier right there.

After that you get to pick the size and shape of what your mailing, whether it be Package, Envelope, Letter, Postcard, etc. Simple.

Then if you pick package. Which I did just to write this review for you. An option to select the weight of the package comes up. Just remember, the USPS calculates 1lb as 1lb, and 1.3lbs gets charged as 2lbs. That’s one of the only things you need to remember. It’s kind of a flat rate but not.

After that you click Get Prices. After the other screen shows up. It’ll show you what you selected on the previous page, then give you an option to pick a mailing date. Just incase (Not common) the rates change.

After that you get to view and select the Post Office prices from a list. Express, Express Hold, Priority, etc. Find the way you want it shipped and click it. Then it gives you the options to add on other things like Certificate, Insurance, Delivery Confirmation. etc.

That’s the general  use of the app. On the bottom there are also choices of Locations, to find where post offices are, automated postal centers, and collection boxes, if you live in a city.

You can use the Zip Code search by address, by city, or even cities in a zip code.

Prices for shipping option, which is the default landing screen for the app. This is where you calculate shipping with the up to date prices.

Tracker for shipments and packages. So you can keep tabs on what you send or what your supposed to be getting. Make sure you know what’s going on and where it’s at. This works ok. I tested it on a package I sent, and I just got “Enroute” but that’s good. That lets me know it’s scanned in and on the way.

In the More option, it has the general about, and usps website, plus if you click Free Flat Rate Shipping Kit. It’ll ask if you want to leave the app and go to the mobile website to sign up and get a free flat rate kit. Which is cool if your a business or someone that does alot of shipping.

Like I said above. This app is amazing. It’s perfect for the person that either does very little shipping, or a lot of shipping. On the go, at  home, in the office. This is the app to get if the mail is your friend.

The only thing it’s lacking. Is a scan feature that I think would make it the best ever. I think a scanner to scan in the barcodes of packages to show you got it, or show that your sending it would be a good one. Similar to the tools they use.

I’d also like to see a possible dimensions calculator. Most of us don’t have scales to weight the products. So a list of items similar to what were mailing would be a good add on.

The other thing that would make this the perfect app for the world to use, is a labeler. Maybe sign up an account, make your labels for the post office to scan and have it print right out. Pre-paid shipping labels or whatever. Something like that. That would make this the best app in the world.

USPS Mobile. I highly recommend this if you ship things, and want to save yourself a lot of time going to the Post office or having the carrier stop by.


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