How to Do Astral Projection

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Astral Projection Travel is a condition in which our souls to travel alone to another place, separate from our bodies. But this is not a dream, as if the judge, our soul is really somewhere else, and can perform the activity there.

How to do Astral Projection:

WARNING: Astral Projection Methods below are only applicable to self. Make someone else do the “Astral Projection” requires a very high ability.

Astral Projection Method

  1. You must be in a state of “deep relaxation”. So lie down, and began to tighten and stretch your muscles, starting from the leg muscles to the muscles of the face. Calming your mind, close your eyes, but do not sleep.

  2. Once you reach a state of “deep relaxation”, now is the time to control your breathing. Breathe slowly and deeply, feeling each breath in and out of yan in your body. Repeat this until you feel you’ve entered the realm of deeper relaxation.

  3. At this point, there are two things you should consider. Your original body, and your astral body. If you feel that your body is actually getting heavier and heavier, it’s time to shape your astral body. Shape your astral body by imagining things that are very light like a soap bubble or a feather. Feel these objects began to rise to the top, leaving your body. Feeling that you will float to the top, and become very, very light.

  4. You expressed successfully reach this stage if it succeeded in creating an “infra red”, which made all the darkness before it starts to look the details. You may feel that they’re in a room illuminated by a purple light. Continue to focus, make lights that illuminate the room much brighter than before. Try to concentrate on an object you can imagine is in the room, say months or images. If successful, your eyes will feel very heavy, and shut down, but you still see everything clearly. At this stage, do not be surprised if when looking down, you find your body fast asleep. If this happens, congratulations! You have successfully astral projection.

Facts about Astral Projection:

  • Astral Projection is rarely immediately successful on the first try.Usually a “Astral Projector” any professional need 2 to 3 times the experiment.

  • Astral Projection The biggest obstacle to success is actually yoursubconscious mind, that without your realizing it always tries to prevent splitting your body into the real body and astral body.

  • Hypnosis and music type “binaural beats” can make you reach the realm of deep relaxation.

  • All people are born with the ability to do Astral Projection


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