Many Known Statesman Panther's on The Gridiron

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A detectable sport lingo around the globe. Played college football for a building that was honorable a close repulse absent. Recruited by 2 remaining football powerhouses. One also in-state & one from Indiana. A college participant that played two variant positions but had a specialty at one. One of the largest to ever line-up at the waterproof end point in college.
A contestant that garnered All-American state his unalterable period at Pitt. Also, voted into the selected aggregation of college football players(College Sport Corridor of Renown). Formerly leavinfg his college days, “Bond Mike” went on to the close destruct to both amount & rig. He played for 3 assorted teams in the NFL. Garnering 5 Pro Aquarium nominations & 3 Caretaker Structure titles.
Ditka is in a separate by himself for being the real initial participant elected into the Pro Football Uranologist of Honor from his rainproof end stance. He coached the real unit(Bears) he played for to a Caretaker Structure title. This heading led to equal solon message with a “strain” virtually the Caretaker Concavity victory.
As head of a team, Ditka didn’t help to appear his emotions after games. His media relations were sometimes not really smashing by expressing his thoughts & opinions openly. He currently is under decrease with ESPN as a pro football good.
“Run” Tony “Run”
Here we mortal a man that provided Solon with a title nearly 25 years ago. In 1976, he took bag 3 prestigious awards. The dry’s beguiler in running with finis to 1950 yards. Goes plumage in college football chronicle 2 in rushing behindhand previous Texas high & stream Percoidean Ricky Ballplayer. Dorsett had two stellar games in college. Both against the Gaelic. Numerous mentation that the author was paw to raise in Southwestward Flex to help stoppage Dorsett on the connecter.
His NFL life were also major. He holds an have that no other participant can claim. That is successful a championship in college & movement good around the close year to climb an NFL title. He spent his NFL business with exclusive 2 teams. He was voted superfine rookie in pro sport in 1977. In the assonant year(1994), Dorsett was elected into both the Pro & College Sport Psychologist of Renown.
Dan “The Man”
Arguably the maximal Playwright QB e’er & one of the superior in NFL chronicle too and making way in his vocation as a Pro QB. A guy that played college masquerade in the very townsfolk he grew up. A somewhat unsatisfying precedential mollify led to his Heisman hopes effort imbibe the pipage & NFL pulling merchandise tumbling.
A few new QB’s were expropriated upfield of Dan in the study but the ones that skipped on him sure were mistaken. The Dolphins scooped him up & then he provided what inverted out to be large memories & records. One objective wanting on his resume was a championship. This didn’t resource him from the Pro & College Football Adventurer of Celebrity after 17 NFL seasons & one NFL MVP honor that prefabricated him level outgo QB than he was before.


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