Do Everything You Want to do on Your Blog Because It's Your Blog

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Often times I read a lot of dos and don’ts on a lot of topic on blogging. If you are the type that wants to follow all those rules to the letter then I must tell you one real truth-you are missing the real thing. My advice to you on what to do and not do on your blog is simple and straight-do everything you want to do on your blog, write your articles on anything you wish to write about. Yes, including most of the don’ts you are advised not to write about on your blog. Feel free to express yourself, write your articles on those topics they tell you not to write about like; don’t write about your cat, don’t talk about personal issues and what not.

The truth is that most of what you’ve been told are the best techniques, methods or things to do to attract people to your blog/website are things that are still undergoing experiments, some of them are still being tested and no one can really tell how long they can keep up with their performance as the internet is still evolving. Though, there are methods that have given good results over time. They are still some of those methods that begin to under-perform after some time and in most cases fail completely.

You have to think original. Give your blog a sense of ownership. Write articles on topics that interest you even when it goes against the rules of getting you more traffic. Ask yourself, what do I want my blog to be about? The choice has to be made between your own story and a lot of stereo types out there. But try as much as possible to be more presentable when you are writing about things that people might not be too interested in. Make your titles very catchy and attractive. Everybody needs a break sometimes and don’t forget that your readers need that too, because they are humans too.Take time out to do more research on your niche and try to update your old articles with new and fresh ideas. Do proper keyword search and make sure not to stuff your articles with too many keywords.


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