How Not To Confuse Your Readers With Big Grammar

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When ever I am reading something online and I hit a brick wall (an English word I have no clue to what it means) I simply skip the line or stop reading that page and move unto something else completely different. There is so much to do I don’t know why I will have to spend all my time criss-crossing between the dictionary and what I am reading online-bad for the writer though.

Reading articles with ‘big grammar’ can put someone off coming to your site even when you have something good to offer. While it’s nice to impress people with your use of English word in writing it is not advisable for someone who writes for the web to make it a point of duty to always write to impress his or her online readers as this can lead to a disaster once your readers are unable to comprehend what you have written.

Try as much as possible to write in plain and simple English when writing for contents for the web. Avoid the use of complex vocabularies when writing your articles for an online reader. But if you must do so make sure you explain some of the words in a manner that your readers will understand. Try not to jam too many words into one sentence when it’s something that can be delivered in one simple sentence. If you do this the wrong way you might end up confusing your readers in the process and I want to believe that’s not what you intend to do with your writing.

When it comes to reading online a little difficulty in reading and understanding what you have written can make someone to skip you page entirely. This can be attributed to short attention span. Most people are engaged in more than one activity while online these includes: chatting with a friend, reading an e-book, listening to an audio sound, playing games online, uploading a picture to their Facebook profile, uploading a web page, downloading a song or downloading some program all at the same time and this can be very distracting.

My advice to you the writer is that you avoid the use of vocabularies that are not commonly used when writing articles intended to be read online. When your articles are easy and simple to read you can be sure that your readers will come back again and again for more and there can even pass the word around to their friends and colleague at work which will help to increase traffic to your website or blog.


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