What Really is Blogging

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I have been blogging since 2008 and I just can’t explain how much joy I have knowing much of what I know today as a blogger. Blogging is fun and a very exciting way of expressing one’s self online. It’s been a joy ride for me and would stop at nothing to share this experience with the world. From my own experience I would say that blogging is a form of interactive web journal. I use the word interactive in the sense that you could either be a simple blogger who just write on topic of interest or you could be a vlogger (vlogger: that is someone who blogs with videos as his primary content of blogging) or even a mo-blogger (mo-blogger: someone who uses mobile phone to blog. Whichever means used as a primary or main content of blogging). The sole purpose is to communicate an idea or information to someone using the best possible means.

In order not to deviate from the topic of discussion blogging has different aspect to it but most importantly the main reason for blogging is to convey a message or information through text, video audio etc. To a marketer blogging is a great medium through which he can market his product, while to someone who just wants to announce him or herself to the world like an attention freak it is just a medium to express his or her thought. As it is most commonly done on Facebook people tell their friends what they are up to every now and then and they get feedback from their friends through the comments they post on their wall. Most times people don’t know they are engaging themselves in blogging but they enjoy the feedback though.

Blogging is fun if you do it right for the right purpose either to announce yourself to the world or to market a product. There is so much to talk about when it comes to blogging and we should be very much be interested in the topic as it still at its infancy stage but yet having some serious impact in the technology field in this ever changing world.


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