A North Vancouver Realtor Shares Practical Tips For Choosing a Homes.

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At most times of the year there could be anywhere between 500 and 1,000 properties for sale in North Vancouver (City and District). And with so many homes for sale, whittling it down to a manageable number for consideration can be quite a task. Whether you are starting out on your search for a home, or have already seen dozens of homes in North Vancouver with a Realtor, creating a list of your most important wants or needs is a valuable tool.

Choosing a Home in North Vancouver – Creating a List of Your Most Important Considerations
You may be surprised at just how many points you can write down when you stop and think about all the important considerations you should bear in mind when buying a home in North Vancouver. There are the obvious considerations, such as your price range, type of home you want, number of bedrooms and bathrooms; but there are also numerous other factors to keep in mind too.

The more precise you are with your wants and needs, the easier it becomes for a Realtor to find your perfect home, and it helps you to find the most practical choice once you have narrowed down your options. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a home in North Vancouver:

1. Price Range – don’t just set a maximum price, decide on a minimum too so that you are not shown homes you just wouldn’t consider.
2. Type of Home – obviously the price range will be a determining factor here, but given the choice do you want a house, a townhouse, or a condominium?
3. Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms – what do you need now, and what will you need in a few years time if you decide to start a family, or have a room-mate?
4. Location – where exactly do you want a home in North Vancouver? Near a park, near transit, near shopping and other facilities? Would you consider a less desirable neighbourhood in order to buy the home you really want?
5. Move In Ready – are you looking for the move-in ready home that’s been refurbished, or a fixer-upper that you can make your own? Buying a fixer-upper may enable you to buy in your preferred North Vancouver neighbourhood as it will be cheaper to buy, but you must factor in refurbishment costs over the long term.
6. Condo or Strata Restrictions – if you’re considering a condo or strata property in North Vancouver, check their restrictions and rules regarding pets, children, and renters. Do restrictions matter to you now, and will they matter a few years down the line if your circumstances change?
7. Unique Selling Points – what one buyer considers a great selling point for a home in North Vancouver, may not matter to you. Make a list of all your unique selling points such as on-site laundry, air conditioning, type of heat, fireplace, dishwasher, yard, patio, deck, storage space, den or rec room.
8. Parking – does the home have a parking space or a private driveway? Is there a car port or garage? Even if you personally don’t need a parking space how it will affect the saleability of the home when you come to sell if there is no parking?
9. Maintenance – if you’re a busy person don’t choose a home in North Vancouver that will need frequent maintenance, choose one with a low maintenance yard, and maybe a newer property. A strata or a condo may even be a better idea if maintenance is included.
10. The Title – following from above, do you want a freehold title where you would be responsible for the home and the land, or do you prefer a strata or leasehold? These do have advantages but remember to factor in the monthly fees. If you’re going to pay more for facilities (such as a swimming pool), are you actually going to make good use of them?


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