Charlie's Angels: Angel With a Broken Wing

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Charlie’s Angels: Angel with a Broken Wing was the first episode of the latest in the line of rethinks or revamped old TV series. This is the update of the series that made Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson, Jaclyn Smith, and Cheryl Ladd stars.

One of the disappointing things for me is the casting of the voice of Charles Townsend, the man who brings the Angels together. Originally, Robert Wagner had been signed to voice Charlie, and honestly, I thought he was perfect.  He had to drop out, and they ended up casting Victor Gerber. For me, he just does not fit the bill, and I was disappointed with his vocals in this first show.

This updated show is grittier with the Angels being pulled from questionable pasts and given second chances to do good by Charlie.  The Bosley character, most associated with David Doyle, has been assumed by a younger Ramon Rodriquez who is much more a part of the action. What I don’t like about this based on the premier is that there is going to be more sex and situations that this show doesn’t need if it wants to be taken seriously.

Set in Miami (much too reminiscent of Miami Vice), the show actually starts with a darker story in that one of the original Angels is killed. Ultimately, the first show is about revenge (though they proclaim it is about justice and not revenge) as the surviving Angels go after their friend’s killer. In the process, they pick up a new partner.

There were some clever moments, but there was also too much violence for my taste.  That is sadly to be expected in this era.  I also didn’t like the more abrasive tone in the Angels. Their bond was there, but I was turned off by the sass.

The show was not great, but it was passable.  There is an outside show that they can pull it together and make it work.  That said, I wanted to feel more emotion, and I didn’t get much warmth from show. Of course, this version isn’t going for sweetness.

So, it was an okay first show, but it has a long way to go if it is going to be a hit.


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