Immortal Nights – Chapter 11

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I looked in horror at the scene before me. Charlotte, the Vampire thought it might have been different had just killed one student selected for our task. I grabbed my sword tighter and stepped forward. He had noticed me and the look on his face, I realized I was not expecting this. She walked towards me. I prepared for the fight, but was surprised when she held her palm as a sign of truce. I stared, I did not want my defense below. “Bailey, you must come with me. We have much to discuss.” I let my concentration slip for a moment, but caught it again.

“I will not fall into that.” I raised my sword to his neck, but she jumped back. She lunged at me and grabbed me by the shoulders.

“Do not. Fight. I”, which brought his teeth around my neck, “This must be done. “He quickly took me to my knees near my chest and leg extended, quickly and with force that pushes it away. He slid across the room and ran into a vampire is fast approaching and cut off his head. I turned around to meet with Abe, the vampire who had cared for me in the night. “I thought there was something outside yourself,” he laughed menacingly. I brought my sword in the air, ready to turn down. He went and avoided as it dropped, which lowered his head and biting his arm. I screamed in pain and dropped his sword. I fell down to find it already on the ground beside me. “You, you’re not a vampire, but … no, it can be, “he stammered, blooding running your mouth, nose and eyes. It was not a pretty sight and I turned around grabbing my arm. I felt very dizzy and my vision was blurred. A figure appeared on me, but its features were confusing. I picked it up and I fainted.
************************************************** *

“What you want from me?” I was in the room a woman with bright red hair, very similar to mine, but even redder, if that was possible. He smiled and a shiver ran down my spine, black eyes shone, but in a mysterious way, do not look natural at all. “Well, there’s a lot, but mostly I want your help,” she shifted slightly in his seat and tried to move my arms, but there was no hope. My arms were locked in the chair for a limit of silver and was beginning to irritate the skin. “Help?”
“Why yes, you’re my daughter, after all.” I laughed. This day went from bad to worse.
“I-am your daughter?” Now I looked I could see the similarities, the same face, hair, body type. Oh my God, it was true!

“So, if I remove those limits you behave?” I looked around at the guards.
“I do not really have a choice now what?” She laughed and put on gloves. I realized my gloves. My bag with my weapons and clothing was discarded by his chair, if only I could get it … She opened her arms and threw me in relief. I ached and my head still felt confused. “So, first I want to know how and why they were here,” she sat in her chair and smiled, “Come on son, there is nothing I can not share with me.”

“They invited me, gave me the invitation and went in was very easy in reality.”
“Child, which is pushing to my patients. How did you get?” She kept her smile, but his eyes were sinister. “Oh, I mean, I had an invitation. Look in the bag if I do not believe.” A guard ran up and searched the bag. He handed her a piece of white card, “She is telling the truth.”

“Yes, but this says Blaire Lady, you are not Blaire woman is Eve,” I started to protest, “Yes! Bailey! What you call yourself the time, but how did you get?”

“I killed Blaire Lady months ago, I get one of my contacts to advance his” special delivery “was very easy to get into reality.” She shifted in her seat, she did not expect me to be so clever, I laughed at myself. You click your fingers and the guards left the room. “Now, son, we were able to fix that bite, but if it continues to battle and take so long to answer a simple question that could give another.” She closed her teeth and did it again. “Oh, so it has fangs! Were not false after all!” I frowned. I looked around for any possibility of escape and died a little inside when I heard that there were no windows, only an air vent in the ceiling and the door was being watched. I sat there in silence, staring at me, watching my death. I was thinking so hard that he hardly noticed his closer. “So, why only met today? And why my brother-in-law that you become a vampire hunter? Have forgotten our agreement?”
“What agreement?”

“Oh, you do not know?” She laughed and a chill ran through my body, “we agreed that in his seventeenth birthday that I would fulfill his destiny as one of us.” My mind went blank. Surely it could not have been true, why my uncle put much effort into raising me as a murderer only to become a vampire. Fury ran through my veins. “Oh, how nice is angry.” She laughed again and put a cold hand on my shoulder. “So, how do you stay here if I did not forget it’s your birthday later this month, is not it? What do you get ready ceremony and a place for you here? “I looked at my mother’s black eyes.
“Of course … mother.”


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