How To Get On The Other Side of The Cash Register

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There are so many great people online. They have so much great information to share. Or they have a fantastic product or service. Sometimes their presence in our lives – even without any particular product or service – adds so much value to our lives.

There are so many…but so few of them are making money at it.

There are, however a lot of people who are buying. Still. Even in a recession. In fact, especially in a recession, when people are looking for a way to solve whatever problem they’re having (usually financial).

So there are a few people who are making a lot of money, more than ever.

And yes, you can be one of them.

The science of being one of the money makers is one of most misunderstood topics there is. You can read every book there is. You can study every technique. You can buy every program. And those are usually good things to do…

Once you understand one simple thing…

The way you present yourself to the world – the POSTURE you bring to the party – is the only thing that matters when you’re looking to break through to the receiving side of the cash register.

Take a look at the people who sign up with the leading network marketing companies. Amway, Herbalife, Numis Network, etc. All great companies. All profitable. Great products, lots of integrity. Great marketing plans and training systems. And very profitable. All of them.

So how come only some of the folks make the money? You would think lining up with a great company would be enough.

Because the POSTURE you bring to the party…the way people perceive you is the thing that determines what side of the cash register you spend most of your time on.

When I got started in marketing, it was very important to me that I had all the facts. I needed to know about my company, the products, the marketing plan. I was a walking encyclopedia.

And I made a little bit of money.

And then I made a study of changing my POSTURE. I learned how to feel like someone who expected to take in money.

And as I learned that, I also learned how to project the POSTURE of someone who expected to take in money.

It was in the way I wrote. And the way I talked. And the way I listened (not too many people talk about that…listening is really important!).

And after projecting that posture long enough, something cool happened.

I owned it. I became it.

And the buying public began to notice. Little by little. Then a lot.

The best thing about it? It’s something anyone can do.

It starts with the understanding that the world divides itself up into buyers and sellers.

Both are good. We need both. And if your business and your life are in balance, you do both.

And once you understand that. you decide you want to get the POSTURE of someone who gets on the receiving side of the cash register.

Once you really make that commitment, the ways in which it happen show up. Every time.


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